Regenerative air-water heat exchanger with improved heat exchange ability


The article describes a power-efficient scheme for using solar energy in centralized heat supply systems that makes it possible to reduce capital and operating costs and increase the degree of substitution of traditional sources of heat. The versatility of systems based on the scheme determines a wide range of their applications: from cottage- type houses to the heating of industrial facilities and greenhouses. The essence of the proposed scheme is that the solar collector for heating medium is switched to the air duct connected to the heated space and an antifreeze substance which circulates in the circuit: storage tank - solar collector. A method of intensifying heat transfer through the use of hole-type intensifiers is proposed. The intensification efficiency is determined by the calculation of daily heat absorption of a flat air collector with the intensification by using holes and without these, the economic effect of the introduction of the proposed method is also determined. According to the calculations, the proposed heating scheme and the intensification of heat transfer on the surface of the collector included in it can provide tangible economic benefits in the implementation.

About the authors

S. S. Dostovalova

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Postgraduate student of the Department of Heat Engineering and Heat Engines

Russian Federation

R. A. Serebryakov

National Research Institute for Electrification of Agriculture


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Russian Federation

S. G. Batukhtin

Transbaikal State University


Postgraduate student of the Department of Thermal Power Plants

Russian Federation

A. G. Batukhtin

Transbaikal State University


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Assistant Professor of the Department of Thermal Power Plants

Russian Federation


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