Simulation of ultrashort pulse transmission in a chain of fused silica microspheres


The paper is devoted to the simulation of ultrashort pulse propagation in waveguides of two types. The first type (type 1) represents an ordinary waveguide made of cylindrically shaped fused silica without coating. The second type (type 2) consists of microspheres made of the same fused silica following one another. A three-parameter Sellmeyer model is used to take into account the dependence of electrical permittivity on the frequency of radiation. The coefficients of pulse broadening and amplification as well as the coefficient of the pulse spectrum narrowing have been calculated. The numerical simulation using the FDTD method which takes into account the frequency dependence of the permittivity and implemented in the FullWAVE software package  showed that there is no temporal broadening in the case of  propagation of linearly polarized ultrashort pulse  3.55 fs long with a central wavelength of 532 nm in a waveguide consisting of a sequence of fused silica microspheres with the radius of 1 mkm, while there is a two-fold temporal broadening of the  pulse  in the case of transmission of this pulse in a conventional silica cylindrical waveguide.

About the authors

E. S. Kozlova

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.

Postgraduate student of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Russian Federation


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