Deposition of aluminum coating on items made of high-strength steel by chemical vapor deposition of an organometallic compound with the use of a catalytical additive


The paper presents the results of work involving chemical vapor plating of an organometalic compound of aluminum coatings on a high-strength steel backplate using a catalytical additive. The process of coating deposition is carried out in a sealed chamber with subsequent capture of decomposition products in a nitrogen trap, which provides environmental safety of the process. The paper describes the choice of a catalytical additive among the following liquids: titanium sec-butoxide, titanium tetrachloride, three-n-propylamine used to reduce the deposition temperature. It was found that the deposition of pyrolysis-induced aluminum coatings using catalytical additives does not change the mechanical properties of high-strength steel. Corrosion tests have shown that the protective properties of samples with pyrolysis-induced aluminum coatings are superior to those of zinc coatings.

About the authors

A. V. Pugin

Ulyanovsk Science and Technology Center of the All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials

Author for correspondence.

Production engineer

Russian Federation

I. I. Gafurov

Ulyanovsk Science and Technology Center of the All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials


Production engineer

Russian Federation


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