Method of reducing speckle-interferometer sensitivity for the study of turbomachine elements vibration


The article deals with the development of a method for obtaining time-averaged speckle-interferograms with a two-fold period of interference bands. An optical scheme allowing the increase of permissible vibration amplitudes of the analysed elements has been developed. Vibration characterictics of compressor stage 5 blades are subjected to comparative analysis with the use of both the developed method and the traditional methods. The diagram of compressor blade leading edge vibrodisplacements is made up on the basis of the data obtained.

About the authors

A. I. Zhuzhukin

Open Joint Stock Company “Kuznetsov”

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Design Engineer of the Design Research Department

Russian Federation

V. A. Solyannikov

Open Joint Stock Company “Kuznetsov”


Candidate of Science (Engineering)

Head of the Design Research Department

Russian Federation


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