Vol 16, No 3 (2013)


The calculation of the interaction of elements metastructures based on the Gauss – Seidel method

Neganov V., Marsakov I., Tabakov D.


The article is devoted to the calculation method of interaction metaelements. As a basis for the calculation is taken Gauss – Seidel method, which is used for solving linear algebraic equation with a diagonally dominant matrix. The proposed method operates matrices of self and mutual impedances, which form the overall matrix of linear algebraic equation. The method is applied to solve the problem of diffraction by metastructures – a thin layer of finite size, consisting of a double open rings. A mathematical model of the structure is based on the integral representation of the electromagnetic field. The convergence solutions for different values of the distance between the elements. The results of numerical modeling.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):6-16
pages 6-16 views

Quantum limitations of the signals distinqvishability

Kurakin A.


From the corpuscular understanding of radio waves it follows that small enough location signals are discrete and may disappear completely. Maximum location distance has, therefore, the fundamental limitations, not depending on the noise level. By the signal mean energy level of the order of some units of quanta discrete signal complies to the Poisson distribution (what explains the target flashing on locators screens). Expressions are got for time necessary for weak signals registration and for detection effectiveness taking into account the dynamics of the object. Targets identification by such signals is problematic due to equality of the signals mean values and the signals variance. The hypothesis is suggested that infrasounds anomalous influence is connected with the opposite phenomenon, e. i. with a very high quanta concentration by low frequencies of waves.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):17-21
pages 17-21 views

Dispersive and polarization properties of azimuthally asymmetrical waves propagating in an open circular layered ferrite-dielectric waveguide

Nazarov A., Popov E., Rozhkova M.


The results of the research of the spectrum of azimuthally asymmetrical modes propagating in an open circular layered ferrite-dielectric with magnetic losses and without it are presented. For the HE

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):22-26
pages 22-26 views

Influence parameter lamellar resistor on weakening attenuator

Ivanov A., Shishkov G., Sherbakov V.


The described influence dielectrics to permeability, thicknesses of the substrate and unevenness resistive films lamellar resistor on weakening broadband coaxial fixed attenuator. It is considered one of the methods of the estimation to uniformities absorbing layer lamellar resistor.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):27-33
pages 27-33 views

Transmission and current color reproduction on the screen of television receiver

Lozhkin L., Neganov V., Shatov L.


It is shown that the color chromaticity coordinates, which are located inside the triangle gamut screen television can play back STI colorimetric accurately, i.e., with no color distortion. Provides a method for implementing a television system with a colorimetric accurate playback color image.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):34-38
pages 34-38 views

The scatter of radio impulses on the ideally carrying out the opened cylindrical surface

Razin’kov S., Razin’kova O.


On the basis of the numerical solution of Fredholm integrated equations of the first sort with existential operators the analysis of secondary radiation of radio impulses by ideally carrying out opened cylindrical surface is carried out. Dependences of the power chart of the return dispersion of object on its electric sizes, look and parameters of irradiating signals are investigated.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):39-43
pages 39-43 views

Research of plane symmetric antennas with the linear extending aperture for antenna grids

Parpula S., Zayarny V., Girich V., Avvakumov V.


Mathematical models for plane symmetric antennas microwave range with linearly extending aperture, allowing to calculate their direction characteristics depending on an aperture configuration are received. Experimentally direction characteristics for similar antennas are measured (in the range of 5,9–12,5 GHz), good compliance of estimated and experimental results is set. Regularities of influence of a configuration of an aperture of researched antennas on the form of the principal lobe of their direction characteristics that is essentially important for optimization of electrodynamic characteristics of antenna grids on their basis are revealed.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):44-49
pages 44-49 views

Field and charge distribution in the junction between n-GaAs and semiinsulating chrome doped substrate

Bobreshov A., Nesterenko Y., Razuvaev Y.


Field and volume charge structure in the junction between semiinsulating chrome doped substrate and n-channel of GaAs MESFET was analyzed by means of a computational modeling. It was used a four-level model of semiinsulating GaAs with deep levels. The obtained results show, that deep acceptor level makes capital contribution in volume charge forming from the side of a substrate. Magnitude and distribution of this charge depend on deep acceptors concentration.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):50-55
pages 50-55 views

The control methods of tuning of dispersion of electromagnetic waves propagating in 3D-arrays of carbon nanotubes with magnetic nanoparticles at microwave frequencies

Makeeva G., Golovanov O., Gorlov G.


By using numerical method of autonomous blocks with Floquet channels (FAB) the frequency dispersion of electromagnetic waves propagating in anisotropic nanostructured materials based on 3D-arrays of carbon nanotubes with magnetic Co_80 Ni_20 nanoparticles for several values of the filling factor of encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles, tuned by magnetic field, was calculated. The control methods and the efficiency of tuning of dispersion by external bias magnetic field (changing of the direction and the value of the DC bias magnetic field at different orientation with respect to CNT axis and rf magnetic field), depending on the geometry and the period of arrays at microwave frequencies.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):56-62
pages 56-62 views

Effect of non-linear elements with hysteresis on the stability of the closed systems

Tyazhev A.


This paper analyzes the impact of non-linear elements with characteristics with hysteresis on the stability of the closed systems, explains the causes of oscillations in a closed system in which no non-linear elements with hysteresis oscillation does not occur.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):63-67
pages 63-67 views

The account of the fractal structure of a biological object in the design of control systems and radiation dosimetry of pathogenic

Yashin S.


We consider the relationship of fractal geometry to biophysics, in particular with the pathogenic effects of electromagnetic radiation on the staff of enterprises and institutions. Pathogenicity of human exposure to at-risk personnel should be integrated into control systems and dosimetry as the propagation of electromagnetic waves in a fractal biological environment.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):68-72
pages 68-72 views

Raman spectroscopy diagnosis of skin tumor

Zakharov V., Larin K., Kozlov S., Moryatov A., Myakinin O., Artemev D., Khristoforova Y.


A method for type diagnosis of skin cancers was developed based on the localization changes in the spectral intensity of Raman bands in the 1300–1340 cm^-1 and 1640–1680 cm^-1 in relation to the intensity of the 1450 cm^-1 in the phase plane. It was shown, based on ex vivo experiments carried out on 28 samples of skin tumors, that the sensitivity of the proposed method is close to absolute value, and the specificity over 90 %. Phase method can be used for the diagnosis of melanoma and basal cell carcinoma in mass screening and monitoring of skin pathologies.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):73-78
pages 73-78 views

The accelerator electromagnetic resonant

Sukhachev K., Semkin N., Piyakov A.


Are presented, the theory, settlement parameters and a principle of action of the resonant electromagnetic accelerator, allowing to disperse firm ferromagnetic particles and bunches of particles till the speeds of 30 km/s. Essential difference of the described accelerator from existing that at shell movement on an accelerating path, solenoids are connected serially, and in each new oscillatory contour occurs a resonant recharge of the store to increasing frequency of free fluctuations.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):79-85
pages 79-85 views

Calculation of dispersion characteristics of regular waveguide with arbitrary dielectric filling with spectral method

Titarenko A.


By the means of spectral method the universal algorithm of calculation of dispersion characteristics of regular waveguide with arbitrary dielectric filling is presented. The method is based upon presenting of guiding structure’s fields as serial expansion of some basis functions, having completeness and satisfying boundary conditions of waveguide’s boundary.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(3):86-91
pages 86-91 views

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