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Author Guidelines

For the publication of scientific works in the journal articles that correspond to the scientific requirements, general trend of the series of the journal and articles that are able to interest sufficiently wide range of Russian and foreign scientific community are taken.

Suggested in the article material should be original, not published earlier in other printed publications, written in the context of modern scientific literature and also contain evident element of creation new knowledge.

All the presented articles undergo a checkout in the program «Antiplagiat» ( and are sent on independent (internal) peer review. The solution on publishing the article is taken by the editorial board on the basis of the peer review.

Materials accompanying the act of examination of the possibility of publication, shall be submitted to editorial and by e-mail:

Publication frequency - quarterly


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with each of the following items, and submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines may be returned to the authors.

  • The text of the article should be saved in Microsoft Word format and should not exceed 10–15 A4 pages with a font size of 10–14 points with a single line spacing. When using non-standard fonts, they must be attached as files. The article may contain no more than 10 drawings.

  • Article should include the following information:

    – index of universal decimal classification;

    – title of the article in Russian and English;

    – given names and last name of authors in Russian and English;

    – the business addresses of the authors in Russian and English with the indication of the zip code;

    – annotation (at least 5 sentences) in Russian and English languages;

    – keywords (at least 5) in Russian and English;

    – Abstract for VINITI;

    – biographical note of authors in Russian and English, with given names and last name, academic degree, title and position; area of scientific interest; e-mail; ORCID identifier (free registration

  • The article should be divided into sections (Introduction, 1. First Section, 2. Second Section, ..., Conclusion). It should be noted that:

    – terms and definitions, units of physical quantities used in the article must comply with the current GOSTs;

    – all formulas, including variables, constants, and also dimensions of values, containing superscript and (or) subscript symbols, including in figures, should be typed in the formula editor MathType. It is not allowed to set formulas in text form without using the specified editor;

    – numbering of the formulas is put in parentheses (1), the range of formulas using the middle dash without spaces (1)–(3). The formula and number rendered on a separate line are separated by a horizontal tab;

    – references to the sources used are indicated by square brackets [1], the range – the middle dash without spaces inside the brackets [1–3], the enumeration – through the semicolon [1; 3; 5], an indication of a specific page – a comma after the numerical designation [1, p. 25];

    – footnotes are marked with numbers.

  • Figures should be presented only as files of graphic formats CDR, WMF or EPS (vector graphics). In the case of large complexity of drawings allowed the presentation in the form of graphic formats TIFF, BMP, PNG or JPG (pixel graphics). All figures should be attached as separate graphic files (for pixel graphics – 600 dpi resolution). The width of the picture should not exceed 82 mm when placed in one column or 169 mm in two columns. The text in the figures is printed in Times New Roman (size 8 or 10 pt).

  • The sources used are indicated by the subtitle (References) and must be typed in compliance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008 Bibliography link.

  • Manuscripts that do not follow these rules are returned to authors without consideration. The editors do not inform the authors about the changes and abbreviations of the manuscript that are of an editorial nature and do not affect fundamental issues.

Privacy Statement

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