Interdiscursive peculiarities of organization of cinema discourse space (on the material of American detective series «Dexter» and «True Detective»)

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The given article is devoted to the consideration of cinema discourse investigated with the attraction of conceptual constructs of linguosynergetics and its immanent sense-making category – interdiscursivity, for the study of which we use the method of deconstruction, which is based on the procedure of semantic and synergetic analysis of films and anthroponyms (names of the main heroes)



About the authors

A. V. Gavrilova

Chelyabinsk State University

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1825-0097


  1. Oliz’ko N.S. Semiotiko-sinergeticheskaia interpretatsiia osobennostei realizatsii kategorii intertekstual'nosti i interdiskursivnosti v postmodernistskom khudozhestvennom diskurse: diss. …doktora filol. nauk: 10.02.19 – Teoriia iazyka [Semiotic and synergetic interpretation of peculiarities of organization of the categories of intertextuality and interdiscursivity in postmodern artistic discourse: Doctor’s of Philological Sciences thesis: 10.02.19 – Theory of Language]. Chelyabinsk, 2009, 343p. [in Russian].

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