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Author Guidelines

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For the publication of scientific works in the journal «Vestnik of Samara University. History, pedagogics, philology» articles that correspond to the scientific requirements, general trend of the series of the journal and articles that are able to interest sufficiently wide range of Russian and foreign scientific community are taken.

Suggested in the article material should be original, not published earlier in other printed publications, written in the context of modern scientific literature and also contain evident element of creation new knowledge.

Theme of Journal:

5.6.1. National history (Historical sciences)
5.6.2. General history (Historical sciences)
5.6.5. Historiography, source study, methods of historical research (Historical sciences)
5.8.1. General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education (Pedagogical sciences)
5.8.7. Methodology and technology of vocational education (Pedagogical sciences)
5.9.5. Russian language. Languages ​​of peoples of Russia (Philological sciences)
5.9.6. Languages ​​of peoples of foreign countries (indicating the specific language or groups of languages) (Philological sciences)
5.9.8. Theoretical, applied and comparative linguistics (Philological sciences)
5.9.9. Media communications and journalism (Philological sciences).






All submitted articles are tested in the Antiplagiat program and are sent for external independent double-blind peer review. The review period is 1-2 months. The decision to publish is made by the editorial board on the basis of a review.

 Frequency of publication is 4 issues a year.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with each of the following items, and submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines may be returned to the authors.

  • A package of documents is sent by e-mail or delivered to the editor personally by the author (s) – 1) an article that is written according to the rules of publication in two versions - with the surname, given name, patronymic and information about the authors and without them (for double-blind peer review) (шаблон оформления статьи = template); 2) a completed license agreement in a scanned form, and upon receiving a positive review (see this example), the authors send the original of the agreement in two copies to the address: Center of Periodical Publications, room 312 b, building 22a, 34, Moskovskoye shosse, Samara,443086, Russian Federation.

    Article template

  • The article should contain the following information

    1) UDC

    2) Title (in Russian and in English, no more than 3 lines)

    3) Information about the author(s) (in Russian and in English), including surname, first name & patronimic fully, science degree, title, job position, place of work (Department, higher educational institution, organization, enterprise), postal adress of the place of work with the index, e-mail, ORCID (registration on, as desired others identifications in Scopus, WoS etc.

    4) Abstract (in Russian and in English). Volume – 200 words (in Russian), 250-300 (in English). Abstract should include characteristics of the key topic, problem (task) of a scientific article, aims of the work, methodology (methods of research), empiric material (sources), research results and their novelty in comparison with the results, that are already existing in science, conclusions. Information, containing in the title of an article shouldn’t be repeated in the text of an abstract

    5) Key words (in Russian and in English) – 7–10 words.

    6) Information on the conflict of interests or its absence

    7) Acknowledgements about the financing, grants (if any)

    8) References in Russian and in English. If the bibliographic list in English than References\Bibliographic list is placed and the informtion is given in English and in Russian. Article template

  • Structure of the main text of the article depends on the posed aims, tasks and investigated problems, but it is obligatory to separate in its composition: introduction, setting goals (problems), methodology, study, obtained results and conclusions. Article template

    • Basic theoretical and experimental results, experimental data, discovered interrelations and regularities are presented. Herewith the preference is given to the new results and data of long-term value, important findings, conclusions that refute existing theories and also to the data that according to the author have practical meaning.
    • Conclusions may be accompanied with recommendations, estimates, suggestions, speculations described in the article.

    Volume – 12-25 pages. The articles are accepted in Russian, English, German and French. Font Times New Roman, font size – 14, interline interval – 1,5. At using in the text of an article of additional fonts, they should be presented separately. Drawings (drawings (pictures), tables, graphs, diagramms etc.) are presented separately in different files.

  • Bibliographic list in Russian is executed in accordance with GOST Р 7.05–2008 Sample in alphabetical order, it is not numbered, in the text in square brackets the surname, year (if there are some publications of this author, pages) [Ivanov 2006, pp. 20–25]. (see this example)

    Bibliographic list should contain 15-30 research sources (research articles, monographs etc.). Editorial board pays attention of the authors that the journal is oriented at reflection of the modern state of national and world science in the field of history, philology and pedagogy, that is why recommends authors to endorse the results of their research in the topical panorama of national and world science, that should find reflection in the bibliographic list of the used literature (authors, countries, years, publications). If it is necessary to indicate the study guides and other materials, they are given separately in notes or in the materials of the study.

    NB! At all the sources in the bibliographic list it is desirable to check the assignment of DOI or URL (electronic link on the placement of the article in RSCI, for example) and indicate it in the bibliographical description if any.

    Bibliographic list in English (References) (see this example) Sample

    Russian sources are translated in Russian (exception title of journals and the materials of the conferences of they are given in transliteration) and also names of the publishing houses.

    Foreign sources are given in the language of an original.


Privacy Statement

The names and addresses specified by you when registering on this site will be used solely for technical purposes: contact with you or with reviewers (editors) in the process of preparing your article for publication. They will in no way be provided to other individuals and organizations.


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