An experimental study of the influence of valve drive type on the dynamic loading and service life of valve seals of units

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The article discusses an experimental study of the influence of the valve drive type on the dynamic loading and service life of valve seals of units. The results of research of the modes of closing of piston valves and bellows valves at different response speeds are presented. The differences in the amplitude characteristics of repeated impact, arising from the rapid return motion of the valve’s trim, in the piston and bellows versions of the valve are established. The influence of the operating mode on the service life in both versions of the valve design was assessed, and pressurized leakage tests were also carried out.

About the authors

Yu. I. Kondrashov

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Senior Lecturer, Department of Power Plant Automatic Systems

Russian Federation

E. N. Ermilova

Samara National Research University


Postgraduate Student

Russian Federation

A. N. Vidyaskina

Samara National Research University


Master’s Degree Student

Russian Federation


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