Scientific substantiation of the regional development strategy of the PRC in the second half of the XX century (based on the works of Chinese economists Ma Hong and Li Jingwen)


Based on the analysis of the main works of famous Chinese scholars Ma Hong and Li Jingwen, the article presents scientific conclusions on the implementation of the strategy of socio-economic regional development of the PRC in the second half of the XX century in the following areas: a comprehensive assessment of the policy of «reforms and openness», analysis of rationalization of economic management systems, research on inter-regional competition and prospects for the development of a «socialist commodity economy». In Chinese historiography, the issues of strategic socio-economic transformations are reflected in the monographs of various scholars of historians, economists, geographers An Husen, Wang Shenjing, Ye Yumin, Ren Baoping, Liu Weidong, Sun Jiuwen, Sun Shangqing, Wu Shuqing, Cao Yuhoy, Jing Yuejun, Zhang Wenzhong, Zhang Xiaolei and Cheng Bidin, as well as on the pages of magazines such as «Jingji Guancha» («Economic Observation»), «Zhongguo Gune Jinji» («Industrial Economy of China»), «Chengshi Guihua» («Urban Planning»), «Quuyu Jinji Pinglun» («Regional Economic review»), «Guotszi venti Yanji» («Research International»), «Zhongguo shi di byantszyan Yanji» («Study of history and geography of China’s border areas»). The purpose of this article is to identify the features of the scientific justification of socio-economic transformations in China in the second half of the XX century Chinese scholars economists Ma Hong and Li Jingwen. To achieve this goal, using the method of logical and concrete analysis of the main works of leading Chinese economists, patterns were identified in the scientific justification for the implementation of the strategy of socio-economic regional development of the PRC in the second half of the XX century. At the end of the XX century, Chinese economists in their research focused on the study of regional features of implementation of the policy of «reform and openness», while using the results of their research activities in the process of managing regional economic projects of the PRC.


About the authors

S. B. Makeeva

Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk, Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-2953-0411

Candidate of Historical Sciences, leading researcher, Institute of Socio-Political Research – Branch of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied SФociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPR FCTAS RAS)


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