The review is devoted to the analysis of the present monograph by E.O. Mendzheritskaya dealing with the description of both discourse formation factors and discursive markers correlating with the genre, national-cultural and typological features of the English-language printed mass-media  which includes the commonly accepted examples of journalistic communication  accompanied by  tabloids and popular glossy publications analysis.

 A thorough approach to the analysis of factual material that is large in size and apropriately structured in relation to genre is provided in the monograph . Moreover  this analysis is based on  solid  theoretical issues (the bibliographic list includes 454 book titles by Russian and foreign authors specializing in the scientific interpretation of mass media technologies on the one hand, and analysis of authentic newspaper materials covering a wide range of different topics about dynamics and transformations of the national cultural life of the modern English and American society. It is a valid scientific interpretation of modern phenomena and facts supported by carefully selected linguistic illustrations placed in the Appendices together with very interesting author ‘s comments that provide the peer-reviewed work by  E.O. Mendzheritskaya a status of a serious monographic research project devoted to  modern English mass-media products studies. In view of the above said it’s only fair to mention that  the monograph by .O.Mendzheritskaya can be applied both in discussing the printed products debatable issues  and in teaching the basics of mass-media communication in the epoch of globalization.

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Samara National Research University

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Candidate of Philological Sciences, professor, professor of the Department of English Philology




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