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The article is devoted to the American and Japanese historiography of history of the Japanese immigration into the USA and the American-Japanese relations on the beginning of the XX century. Author of the publication issued historiography about this historical problem, mainly the historiography of the USA, and the historiography of such states as Japan and Russia. Such historical problems were discussed as Californian Conflict of 1906–1909 and 1913, so called «Gentlemen Agreement» (1907) and Root-Takahira exchange of notes (November 1908). From the beginning of Japanese immigration into the USA on the end of the
XIX century the struggle for the Japanese exclusion had started especially in California on the Pacific coast. Restrictionism and antirestrictionism were created as main streams of American ethnic historiography. Such streams of the historiography as political idealism and political realism deals with the Japanese immigration problem too.
American historians, who are the members of the so called political idealism approach to the foreign policy of the USA problems, usually make some detailed issues of the American policy in the Far East. The American-Chinese and American-Japanese relations were based on such main streams of the Far Eastern policy as internationalization of railroads in Manchuria and the American load to Manchu government during the period of international financial consortium in China. Political idealism in the American historiography was connected with such authors as R.A. Esthus, R.W. Curry and Ch. Neu, whose monographs and articles were issued by the author of this publication. The question on Japanese immigration in the USA was respected as one aspect of the whole Japanese-American relations on the Pacific problem.
Another main stream of the American historiography of international relations is connected with works of ethnic historians such as B. Hosokawa and K. Kawakami. Author of this publication discussed question of ethnic historiography in the USA (about the Japanese immigrants and their role in the American social-political life). Main theme of this historiographical sketch were some perspectives of the 2nd generation of Japanese immigrants development in the American conditions of life. The most of the ethnical historians in the USA called the representatives of the 2nd generation of the Japanese immigrants as «Nisei». Author’s of this article research of the Nisei history is some innovational method in Russian historiography.

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S. A. Martyshkin

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.
Email: morenov@ssau.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-7045-4310

Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, head of the Department of State and Municipal Management


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