The social sphere, which includes such important components. as education, health care, the system of social protection of population, culture, makes serious demands on the level of training of specialists. This is due to the increasingly escalating contradictions between the social order of society for future specialists for the social sphere and the imperfection of their training system; the need to develop a quality system for training specialists for the social sphere and the lack of specific criteria for assessing the quality of training.

In the article the problem of professional training of specialists for the social sphere is investigated, its goals, tasks, and features are revealed, in particular, its mega-theoretical character and a practical orientation are named among the main ones. The problem of the quality of professional training of specialists for the social sphere is defined as a problem that requires careful study. For this purpose, the article provides a definition of quality, reveals the essence of the concept of the quality of education, which allows us to identify the dominant trends in assessing the quality of training specialists for the social sphere.

It is noted that the organic unity of intellectual, emotional, spiritual properties and qualities, communicative, technological, praxeological and other knowledge and skills that the future specialist is able to effectively implement in his professional activity is the main indicator of the quality of professional training of specialists for the social sphere. In addition, there are objective and subjective criteria for assessing the quality of professional training of specialists for the social sphere. The first include the real changes in the position of man, society as a whole, which they also estimated. Subjective criteria include an assessment of the quality of teachers’ activities and an assessment of the quality of the work of future students.

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L. V. Kurilenko

Samara National Research University

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Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, head of the Department of Theory and Technology of Social Work

M. G. Vokhrysheva

Samara State Institute of Culture

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ORCID iD: 0000-0003-1381-6992

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, head of the Department of Document Science and Bibliography


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