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The journal "Semioticheskie issledovanija. Semiotic studies" is a scientific periodical highlighting the issues of general semiotics and adjacent disciplines. The sign, sign process and its agenda, significs (semantics), syntactics and pragmatics as the measurements of semiosis, material realization of a sign - the research areas of the published papers.

The journal is focused on the interdisciplinary synthesis of theoretical and practical knowledge implemented within the framework of philosophy, literature studies and sociology.

The aim of the journal is studying, implementing and promoting the semiotic approach to researching into the reality.

The objectives of the journal – developing the international, interdisciplinary research space in terms and models of general semiotics, maintaining the current state of the classical heritage and new ideas' testing of semiotic thought, developing and application of semiotic analysis and interpretation patterns in philosophical, literature and sociological knowledge.

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Vol 3, No 1 (2023)

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Sacramental desire
Razinov Y.A.

The work considers the theoretical dispute between different concepts of desire: "classical", structuralist, and post-structuralist. This dispute unfolds in two aspects: the social desire production and desire-scarcity connection. The author shows this dispute to be axiomatic and reflect the process of transition from an industrial society, which is based on shortage and lagging consumption, to a post-industrial society, which is based on excess and advanced consumption. The author relies on Lacan's and Kojève's concepts of desire and criticizes post-structuralist ideas of Deleuze, Guattari and Lyotard, particularly the concept of unconditional and unlimited desire. The article distinguishes between the concepts of innermost and sacramental desire in order to define the boundaries of the "desiring production". This distinction is applied in the analysis of "Solaris" by S. Lem and "Stalker" by Tarkovsky.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):8-15
pages 8-15 views
Technical optimism theoretical limits
Rodionov D.A.

This work reveals a part of the technical optimism theoretical limits. The aim of the study is to represent the technical optimism as a modification of a spontaneous value mindset and to reveal the main theoretical limits of it. In this regard, the main categories of the technical optimism are described as a phenomenon (engineering as the wheal a priori, assertion of the engineering orientation to obtain benefits, technical reality acceptance), the technology axiological neutrality is identified and substantiated. The essence of the technical singularity is revealed as one of the options for describing the limit of the scientific and technological progress, and as one of the main modern optimistic technology concepts. The basic aspects of the epistemic and existential modalities of the technical optimism are revealed, that allows to see the basis of the technical reality axiological thematization. The main research methods are idiographic and nomothetic methods. The study is novel in that it identifies the technical optimism modalities.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):16-20
pages 16-20 views
Concept of consciousness transfer: creative and scientific research
Zaykova A.S., Lbova E.M.

The article analyzes the use of the consciousness transfer concept in the literature, cinema and science. Both techno-pessimism and techno-optimism are shown to be associated with the consciousness transfer idea. The main reasons for the desire of characters’ intention to use the consciousness transfer technology, which is also termed as “breakdown phenomenon”, are demonstrated through the example of the LitRPG subgenre and science fiction films. It is typical for novels and screen novels to demonstrate both positive and negative consequences of the consciousness transfer, but the attitude towards the possibility itself is predominantly positive. Unlike many science fiction theories, which are far from becoming reality, several major scientific projects are already working on the concept of the mind transfer. However, existing projects are far from implementing the consciousness transfer technology and are more often involved in solving particular problems associated with individual brain diseases, or exploring the social and humanitarian consequences of developing the virtual reality generally and the human presence in it particularly. It is concluded that for the modern literature and cinema, the concept of consciousness transfer has turned into a myth about the consciousness transfer, generated by the dream of the human mind omnipotence, combined with a pessimistic idea about the human morality and the human society unity. Furthermore, this myth also reflects a substantial part of the human life being already inside the digital reality.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):21-26
pages 21-26 views
The role of social activity in the urban space management
Bernyukevich T.V.

Introduction. The study relevance is concerned with the complexity of urban space management issues, including a number of aspects: social, economic, urban planning proper, etc. The subject of analysis in this article is the role of social activity in managing the urban space. The purpose of the study is to identify the place and functions of the social activity within the framework of the efficient management of urban processes. The objectives of the study include: determining the parameters of the urban spatial characteristics, in terms of subject differences of various disciplines; analyzing approaches to managing the urban space; clarifying the role of the social activity in this management.
Materials and methods. The study is based on an integrated approach that enables to consider the complex phenomenon of the urban space from different perspectives and, in relation to this complexity, determine the social aspects of urban space management.
Results. Exploring the urban cultural space often involves interdisciplinarity. Urban space organization records the history of the city, its needs, and strategic development. A unique image of the city, formed by the relation between its streets, squares, embankments, its architecture. A significant contribution to the study of urban space was made by representatives of the urban sociology, within which the issues of urban development were associated with social transformations. The analysis of these transformations has started the urban sociology.
Conclusions. Ways of developing urban spaces are set by the production practice and social relations, the complex social system and influence of social groups, the authority and corporate role. Not only establishing the theoretical and methodological basis for developing the urban space is necessary, but also educing their potential to consider the public opinion when determining the urban development and improvement.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):27-31
pages 27-31 views


Provincial town as a spatial model in the satirical and humorous literature
Golubkov S.A.

The article deals with the artistic functions of local spatial models in the Russian satirical and humorous prose of the 20th century. It gives an idea of the typology of comic evaluation objects (character, situation, event, space). Particular attention is paid to the city as a multidimensional cultural text, as a universal metaphor for the state world order. The work reveals a contradiction between the real scale of the county town and the ridiculously grandiose ambitions of its inhabitants. The article discusses the semantics of the province objective world in the satirical and humorous prose, the semantic content of distinguishing between one's own and another's. In this respect, the satirists and comedians’ development of the humorous specific technique is essential (the motives of rumor, the introduction of imaginary figures, playing with scales, elements of mystification).

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):32-40
pages 32-40 views
Internet space in the contemporary drama about teenagers
Kabilova Е.S.

The article considers modern plays that show the peculiarities of the teenagers’ communication in the Internet. The aim of the study is to determine the impact that, according to playwrights, in the Internet communication has on the fate of adolescents. The empirical material for the study was the plays of 2013-2020, noted at the competitions of the contemporary dramaturgy and included in the collections of teenage plays: "Photo topless" by N. Blok, "That's all she" by A. Ivanov, "Mart and Sliva" by E. Bizyaeva, "Gandhi was silent on Saturdays" by A. Bukreeva. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study is based on a combination of an interdisciplinary approach with an analysis of works on literary criticism, theater studies and psychology. As a result of the investigation, it was found that playwrights reconstruct the situation of characters' being in the Internet and reflect the communication of teenagers with their peers, adults and anonymous users, whose age or gender cannot be determined. The emerging conflict situations are associated with the violation of personal boundaries (bringing the conflict into the public space of the Internet), the substitution of live communication with virtual one, the manipulation by adults of the fragile consciousness of children. In some cases, the Internet space is portrayed as a digital copy of the real life of adolescents, while the Internet becomes a platform to which traditional adolescent conflicts are transferred. In other cases, the Internet becomes a place where a teenager goes to, being in conflict with the present.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):41-47
pages 41-47 views
Semiotics of the city in the sketches by N. Garin-Mikhailovsky «In the hustle and bustle of the provincial life»
Perepelkin M.A.

This article attempts to analyze the semiotics of the urban space depicted by N. Garin-Mikhailovsky in «In the hustle and bustle of the provincial life» sketches. For this purpose, the main city locations, described by the author, are identified - the noble assembly, the governor's house, the apartments of the photographer and Abramson, Khlebnaya Square and some others. On the basis of the analysis, it is concluded that, when sketching a «portrait» of the city, Garin depicts it in almost the entire geographical extent - from the southwest to its northeastern outskirts; the intention to show «the whole» Samara in terms of the geographical extent is accompanied with a similar intention to show different social levels of the city life; urban locations are not depicted as static, remote and isolated objects, but as connected by a wide variety of connections and relationships. All this together allows us to consider the city, depicted in N. Garin-Mikhailovsky’s sketches, as a semiotic structure, a «complex meaning», and decoding is the only way to get closer to a real understanding of the formula in the title of the cycle – «In the hustle and bustle of the provincial life».

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):48-54
pages 48-54 views
Mnemonic narrative method in the trilogy by Agota Kristof (“The Notebook”, “The Proof”, “The Third Lie”)
Sundukova K.A.

The article analyzes three novels by the Hungarian-Swiss writer Agota Kristof through the poetics of memory. The trilogy is dedicated to the representation of the consciousness of the person whose life is destroyed by a series of historical cataclysms. Every novel presents a slightly different version of Lucas and Сlaus brothers’ life, their memories of the past traumatic events. In the hero's memories, the reality is distorted to such an extent that the very existence of the twin brother from the first novel is called into question. At the artistic level, the possibility of reconstructing the true course of events is constantly problematized. In this regard, the trilogy can be considered from the point of view of implementing the mnemonic narrative method in it - a special narrative method, which involves the creation of a novel hero character, whose inner life is turned to the past. This method is based on a conscious creative approach to description of the retracing mind and an approach to reflection about the process and description methods.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):55-63
pages 55-63 views


Teacher and power: the evolution of professional requirements in the 1920–1930s
Lelyukhin S.V.

The study of the initial Soviet stage of the general education history is important both for understanding the transformative processes in the Soviet society as a whole, and for comparing the Soviet and post-Soviet societies. This issue is particularly topical due to the fact that, in accordance with the decree of the President of Russia, 2023 has been declared the Year of Teacher and Mentor. Having defined the impact of the state on the formation of priorities for professional activities in general education as the subject of research, the author highlights the educational and pedagogic course of work. An analysis of archival documents stored in the funds of the State Archive of Recent History of the Saratov Region was carried out. 1918 - 1941 Documents were studied within the framework of two historical periods. The first period started with the adoption of the "On a unified labor school" provision and ended in 1930 with return to stable programs and textbooks, the second period started in 1930 and ended with the beginning of World War II (1941). As a result of the study, it was found that loyalty to the content of educational programs in the twenties was replaced by increased control in the thirties. This period is characterized by the of teachers’ activities monitoring expansion that included student performance, the sanitary condition of schools, the school staff performance, assessment of the calligraphy rules observing by teachers when putting grades in students’ notebooks. Educational work remained a priority, since the curriculum in any discipline was associated with the communist education. The socialist competition in the school became a tool for controlling the professional activities of teachers. Educational institutions were involved in the socialist completion along with industrial enterprises. For schools the competition combined both vectors of teachers’ activities control and educational and pedagogic work in one tool. The widespread practice of ignoring the fulfillment of socialist competition conditions testifies to its visibility. The data, stored in the regional archive, on cases of conscious violation of the established work order, socialist competition imitation confirm that.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):64-71
pages 64-71 views
Features of the discursive dominants in the political communication
Tribunskaya N.A., Pustarnakova A.A.

The article considers the discursive dominants represented in the political Internet discourse and official political discourse. Subjective (characteristic and axiological), actional and spatial dominants are analyzed. The patterns of foregrounding certain situation components are established.
The aim of the present study is to analyze foregrounding of certain discursive dominants depending on the political communication type. The authors set the following tasks to achieve this goal: to study the subject-related theoretical material, to analyze the frequency of the discursive dominants in the political communication, to identify the realization features of the speaker's intention in the political Internet discourse and in the official political discourse.
The material for the analysis were the US President’s utterances in the social network, as well as official documents of the Presidential Actions, posted on the website of the US Government.
The authors of the article use various methods, including observation and description, comparative method, contextual analysis, discourse analysis. The study scientific novelty lies in the comparison of two different spheres of the political communication. In the process of discourse interaction certain discursive dominants appear. Politicians’ statements in social networks often contain an actualized subjective dominant, which allows to affect the information perception by the recipient. At the same time, in the texts of official documents, the actional dominant is brought to the forefront, which is directly related to the participants’ actions.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):72-78
pages 72-78 views
Publicity of the non-profit sector: federal and regional trends
Baeva E.S., Bocharov V.Y., Malakanova O.A.

The article is devoted to the introduction of digital technologies into the practices of non-profit organizations. The authors consider the all-Russian and regional trends of data of the non-profit sector publicity and digital competence. The main purpose of the analysis is to show how the publicity affects the digitalization level of civil society institutions, primarily the non–profit sector. The article was based on the data of research projects conducted earlier on this issue, as well as the results of a sociological study initiated by the Public Chamber of the Samara region with regional experts involved (representatives of authorities at various levels, non-profit organizations, public chambers and public councils). The empirical study was carried out in 2 stages. At the first stage, a survey was conducted in an online format by sending emails with detailed instructions for respondents (total 50 people were interviewed). At the second stage, to clarify the collected empirical information, 2 in-depth interviews were conducted with the experts selected among those who participated in the survey earlier and who had experience in working with the digital environment and non-profit organizations of the Samara region. The data analysis describes the current situation in the field of the publicity of non-profit organizations, the results and risks of digitalization in the third sector.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):79-89
pages 79-89 views
Russian trade unions’ activity priorities and prospects for the authority rise among university workers
Avdoshina N.V., Bocharov V.Y., Vaskina Y.V., Khardin M.V.

This article is devoted to the analysis of the university trade union activity in the modern context. The authors overview the existing approaches to the analysis of the trade union movement in Russia, give the sociological study data on the demand for various activities of the Samara University trade union, it’s coverage in the university media and on the trade union website, and also proposals for improving the trade union activities. It is concluded that following activities are the most demanded and favorably evaluated by the university personnel: recreation and health improvement measures for employees and their children, organization of mass participation events, provision of social benefits and financial assistance. At the same time, the respondents question one of the main tasks of the trade union – the ability to improve wages and working conditions for the Samara University employees. Based on the results of the study, practical recommendations for the trade union committee were formed, including the most important recommendations: activity increase in wage security and the trade union information work.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):90-102
pages 90-102 views


"Common soldier" of literature. Review of the publication "Selected" by A.K. Goldebaev (Semenov)
Akimova A.S.

The article reviews the publication: Goldebaev (Semenov) A.K. Selected / Compilation, preparation for publication, introductory article by M.A. Perepelkin, K.I. Morozovа (Samara, 2022). The book compilers have done a great research work on the study of the biography of the Samara writer A.K. Goldebaev and the publication of his three stories, which made up a kind of "autobiographical trilogy": "Bastards", "Mean Condition" and "In the Prairie" ("Summer Vacation"). The introductory article attempts not only to outline the external and internal mechanisms of influence on the formation of the writer's personality, but also to determine the place of Goldebaev’s in the historical and literary process at the turn of the 19th–20th centuries. Thus, preceding the publication of Goldebaev's works, the compilers are trying to understand why the writer's name was forgotten in the 20th century. A consequential description of the life of the undeservedly forgotten writer is combined with a subtle analysis of his poetics. All this is intended to arouse the reader's interest in the personality and work of the provincial writer, who could remain in memory not only as a contemporary and correspondent of A.P. Chekhov and M. Gorky or a friend of A.S. Neverov, but also as an artist-thinker who comprehended his tragic time through literary images.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):103-105
pages 103-105 views


Roots of disputes over hermeneutics
Scholz G.

The article investigates reasons and preconditions for current difficulties in hermeneutics, caused by confusion of interpretation different concepts. The work considers three trends that affected the transformation of the interpretation notion in the 19th century: 1) the author role reduction followed by the interpreter role augmentation, 2) interpretation applicability expansion from the text to the world as a whole, resulting in the hermeneutics subject diffusion, 3) substitution of the text traditional hermeneutics by hermeneutic philosophies. Hard and soft interpretations are distinguished that base formation of hermeneutics different types.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):106-112
pages 106-112 views
On the boundary semantics and differentiation forms
Schmitz-Emans M.

The article studies origin and transformation of the “boundary” notion, demonstrates the difficulty of its definition. The work provides a historical overview of “boundary” semantics change in German language, investigates the notion history. The author shows the differentiation act to be a source of the philosophical thought in Antiquity, and a source of the scientific one in Modern time. The article investigates the transformation of the “boundary” philosophical semantics from the Antiquity to the present days. Special attention is devoted to “boundary” cultural aspects.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):113-123
pages 113-123 views
Aphorisms of Dr. Rosenthal (introductory article, text preparation and comments by N.V. Semenova)
Semenova N.V.

The aphorisms of the journalist, publicist, physician August Osipovich Rosenthal (1830–1891) are introduced into scientific discourse. In 1855 Rosenthal raised an uprising that became part of the peasant uprisings of the mid-1850s. He was arrested and exiled to Siberia, later reinstated. In 1880 he emigrated: the published aphorisms refer to the overseas period of Rosenthal's life. The preamble to the text specifies biographical information based on archival sources from Rosenthal's personal fund (Manuscript Department of the IRLI (the Pushkin House) RAS, F. 258).
The published aphorisms are reflections on the moral nature of the human being and society. Distinctive features of Rosenthal's collection are a combination of didactics, humor and adherence to the knowledge scientific paradigm, openness to dialogue with the reader and declarative interactivity.

Semiotic studies. 2023;3(1):124-135
pages 124-135 views

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