The article is devoted to the milestone event in the Russian oil industry history – discovery of the 1st oil field in the territory of the Perm district of the Ural region in the village Verkhnetchusovskie Gorodki. In 1929 the oil availability in this landscape was established.

The objective of the study is to follow the effect of the report about the oil discovery in the Kama Region on Moscow and the subsequent based on this report deployment of oil prospecting works in the Ural and Volga Region, which has resulted in the foundation of the new 2nd oil base of the Soviet Union known as the “2nd Baku”. The particular aim is to analyze different points of view on the interpretation of some questions of geological and productive nature associated with tchusovskaya oil. The next aim is to find out the effect of the oil discovery on the perspectives of development of the Perm Region, on the advancement of this region to the most important industrial regions of the USSR as well. The further aim is to follow in detail the massive program for development of the Tschusovskoye oilfield with identification of its strength and weaknesses. Moreover the aim of the study is to demonstrate the sweeping changes in the village life, leading to the development of the infrastructure, to the appearance of new plants in its territory and in the final analysis to the transformation of the village in the urban settlement.

The material in the article has proved that the using of administrative methods in takeover of lands for oil-field development has dominated. The result of the oil discovery was the acceleration in the rates of the collectivization in the district relating to the resettlement of oil industry workers from the southern regions of the USSR to this region.

The author has drawn a conclusion, that the value of the oil field Tchusovskie Gorodki is great, but not due to its oil production, but rather thanks to its role in the history of the oil industry development in the Ural and Volga Regions.

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V. N. Kuryatnikov

Samara State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
Email: morenov@ssau.ru
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Doctor of Historical Sciences, associated professor, professor, Department of Sociology, Political Science and National History


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