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This article is devoted to the research of linguistic means of realization of «LOVE» concept on the basis of texts of rock songs by Aerosmith band. The article deals with the definition of the concept given in the works of Russian scholars – E. S. Kubryakova, D. S. Likhachev, U.S. Stepanov and others, and analysis of the language means of «LOVE» concept realization in the texts of rock songs.
The author examines in detail the explicit and implicit means of this concept realization. The analysis shows that the elements of conversational style in the texts of rock songs contribute to the closer communication of the singer with his fans, make the lyrics more understandable to the recipients, facilitating the implementation of their conceptual content. Slang units in the texts of rock songs help the performer express his attitude to the concept realized; they are dynamic and expressive means of rendering the author’s ideas; they make the lyrics more understandable to the modern generation.
The analysis has demonstrated that that the most frequent stylistic means of the «LOVE» concept realization in the texts of rock songs are such means as metaphor, rhetorical question and repetition. The language and stylistic means are used to render the basic idea that love has a significant impact on the inner world of a human being.

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E. A. Pashkova

Samara State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages


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