In the article on the basis of sources and published literature relevant and little-studied problem of pricing of products of copper smelting plants of the South Urals in the XVIII century on the example of the factories of family company of Simbirsk merchants Tverdyshevs and Myasnikovs is considered. 6 smelters of the company in the second half of the 18th century produced 30,7% of Ural copper.

The cost and the market price of the metal depended on many factors: demand or oversaturation of the market, product, competition of foreign producers, transportation and other overhead costs and many others. Bigger role played the popularity of the factory owners, their savvy, knowledge of market games and the ability to use them, rating their companies.

The study of sales from copper smelters of the company on the
materials of 1760 shows that from the sale of 25 263 PUD.
21 pounds of pure copper and copper products factory owners got
from 99 157,5 to 107 683,9 rubles of net profit.

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S. N. Kulbakhtin

Bashkir State University

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