The impact of personnel threats on the economic security of the organization

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The topic of company security is central to the work of the security service. This article describes the factors that pose a threat to the security of a modern organization. The author discloses possible directions of risks caused by the actions of the organization's personnel that create personnel threats. The article determines the role of personnel security and elimination of personnel threats in the organization's security system. The article reveals the concept of competitive (business) intelligence, identifies the functions of this service. The concept of «industrial espionage» is disclosed. In operational practice, it turns out that a large number of personnel threats are represented by a wide variety. In operational practice, it turns out that a large number of personnel threats are represented by a wide variety. At the same time, in order to neutralize personnel threats, the powers and competence of the organization's security personnel are clearly not enough. In this regard, within the framework of this study, a set of measures that make up an integral security system is considered. The central place in the study is devoted to the issue of eliminating personnel threats. Since personnel threats are created by the organization's own personnel, the necessity of interaction of all personnel services within the framework of a single system for ensuring personnel safety and security of the organization as a whole is substantiated. The powers of each of the participants in this process in their relationship and interaction are delimited. The author defined measures to counter personnel threats and neutralize the negative consequences of unauthorized actions in the organization.

About the authors

Irina N. Makhmudova

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Economics, professor of the Department of Human Resource Management

Russian Federation, 34 Moskovskoye shosse, Samara


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