Vol 16, No 2 (2013)


Absorptivity control of magnetic film by interference of counter propagating waves

Abramov A., Afanasyev S., Sementsov D.


We investigate the ability of interference absorption control in thin magnetic films. This control is obtained by variation of external magnetic field and phase difference of counter propagating waves. Depending upon this parameters, ferromagnetic film can be observed as material with low and high level of absorption. Thus, when the radiation passes through the magnetic layer there are possible both the total absorption energy and the process without energy dissipations.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):8-13
pages 8-13 views

Vacancy transport properties in boron-carbon BC_3 nanotubes

Zaporotskova I., Boroznin S., Boroznina E., Polikarpov D., Krutoyarov A.


In this article results of computer modeling of processes of ionic conductivity of boron-carbon nanotubes (6,0) of BC_ n type, where n = 3 are presented. Two types of a relative positioning of boron and carbon atoms are considered. The research was performed using the MNDO method within the framework of a molecular cluster model. For investigation of ionic conductivity process the vacancy formation has been modeled. Energetic and electronic characteristics of these processes have been carried out. The vacancy migration process has been modeled. The conductivity coefficient dependence of temperature has been found.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):14-18
pages 14-18 views

The influence of dipole-dipole interaction on dynamics of entangled superconducting flux qubits interacting with thermal noise

Bashkirov E., Mastyugin M.


The dynamics of two initially entangled artificial atoms with degenerate two-photon transitions interacting with superconducting LC -circuit in the thermal state has been investigated. The influence of intial degree of qubits states coherence and dipole-dipole interaction on the degree of entanglement.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):19-24
pages 19-24 views

Propagation of elastic waves in a periodically inhomogeneous medium

Danilov A., Radionov A.


Body waves in an elastic medium with a periodically varying parameters are calculated.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):25-28
pages 25-28 views

Plasmon-polariton waves in cylindrical guiding structures

Malakhov V., Popkov K., Raevskii A.


In the article dispersion characteristics and attenuation characteristics plasmon-polariton waves cylindrical metal guiding structures are discussed. Schedules of distribution of electric field on radial coordinate are provided. Difference of a range of waves of a cylindrical metal wire from a range of waves of an open round dielectric waveguide with a metal film is shown. Identification of plasmon-polariton waves by quantity of maxima of an electric field in a metal layer is offered.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):29-34
pages 29-34 views

Field of MPFS: the calculation on the basis of integral relations

Bushuev N., Davidovich M., Altshuler E.


The magnetic periodic focusing system (MPFS) in the form of the ring of permanent magnets and ring tips has been considered for TWT. The integrodifferential equations of magnetostatic problem for magnetic field and the electrical vector-potential for MPFS with permanent magnets and pole tips have been obtained. The iterative method of successive approximations has been applied to find their approximate solution. The corresponding results are given.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):35-44
pages 35-44 views

Numerical analysis of self-oscillations fractional active oscillator

Zaitsev V., Karlov A., Nuraev D.


A numerical model of self-oscillating system with a differential equation of motion of fractional order is designed. The results of modeling transient process of self-oscillations are presented. There compare with the analytical results are obtained in the quasi-harmonic approximation.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):45-48
pages 45-48 views

Features of the formation of multi-channel spatial selectivity of multi-frequency linear array with regular frequency allocation to its elements

Emelyanov E.


Refined patterns of spatial selectivity multifrequency linear array with a regular frequency distribution from its elements. The expressions for the calculation of spatial coordinates of the maxima multi-valued function of the spatial selectivity of the antenna systems in the far field radiation and reception. These results are consistent with the results of mathematical modeling.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):49-52
pages 49-52 views

Accuracy of assessment of location of sources of sequences super-broadband impulses by measuring systems

Razin’kov S.


With use of frequency and angular characteristics of flat aperture antennas by transfer reception of non-harmonic signals dispersion of an assessment of coordinates of radiators of sequences of super-broadband impulses is found in measuring systems of a fixing.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):53-56
pages 53-56 views

Analysis and optimization of multistage amplifier structures

Bobreshov A., Mymrikova N., Sbitnev U., Utkin A.


The method for compensation of 2-nd and 3-rd order nonlinear distortions in multistage amplifiers is considered. It is shown, that equalization of nonlinear components in multistage structures is determined by schemes of one-from-last and last cascades. Realization of multistage amplifier for reducing 2-nd and 3-rd order nonlinear distortions is proposed.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):57-63
pages 57-63 views

The physical and mechanical properties, a model of formation and structure of the protective films on carbon-based

Nikolaev D.


A following article runs about carbon films, their physical properties, deposition conditions and structure; advantages and disadvantages of carbon diamond-like films; à field of application; physical vapor deposition methods (PVD). A model of bound carbon atoms, implanted in an amorphous carbon matrix comes forward. According to the model, a limitation of a matrix temperature is a necessary and sufficient condition. A model of sp^3 bounding allows to estimate the whole understanding of PVD mechanism applied not only for carbon films, but also for other substances.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):64-69
pages 64-69 views

Dust particle accelerator pulse

Sukhachev K., Semkin N., Piyakov A.


Pulse method is considered to accelerate and conditions for the implementation of this method. The analysis of the design of the accelerator operating at pulse method of particle acceleration. Mathematical modeling of the one-stage pulsed accelerator. The possible ways to control voltage pulse generator based on a physical model. The possible improvement of pulsed accelerator.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):70-78
pages 70-78 views

Mathematical models of cylindrical spiral antenna

Neganov V., Tabakov D.


In this article the cylindrical spiral antenna with a linear winding pitch that is placed over the perfectly conductive surface is considered. It was shown that with such statement this problem of current’s distribution in a spiral is reduced to a solving of a singular integral equation. To compare a mathematical model of spiral antenna for the thin wire approach was represented. The algorithm of integral equations is considered. The comparative analysis of the current’s distribution in a spiral is performed.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):79-86
pages 79-86 views

Band-pass filters on transverse shifts of double-ridge waveguides realized by SIW-technology

Zargano G., Krutiev S.


A new type of waveguide elements – SIW (Substrate Integrated Waveguide) – for implementation in multilayer integrated circuits is described. The possibilities of conversion to waveguides of complex cross section realized by SIW are shown. As an example the realization band-pass filter on transverse shifts of double-ridge waveguides in classical all-metal and in SIW implementations is discussed. The calculation of electrodynamic characteristics of classical double-ridge waveguide is provided by the method of partial regions including field singularity at the edge. The conversion from classical waveguides to SIW is performed by approximation formulas.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):87-93
pages 87-93 views

The correlation between concentrations of free carriers of charge in a semiconductor in equilibrium

Aref’ev A.


The correlation, connecting concentrations of free carriers of charge in unmagnetized semiconductor plasma in equilibrium, is derived. The correlation is derived from the conditions, that current densities of conductance electrons and holes are equal to zero.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):94-95
pages 94-95 views

Suboptimal detection of the superbroadband signal at influence of the narrow-band interference

Trifonov P., Guschin I.


Influence research gaussian a narrow-band interference with unknown characteristics on efficiency of detection of ultrawideband signals of the unknown form against gaussian white noise is carried out.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):96-100
pages 96-100 views

Secondary electronic emission and methods of its study

Nikolaev D.


In the article physical and mathematical process models of secondary electronic emission of secondary electrons, wrested from hurled when irradiating a surface of metal by the flow of primary electrons are considered. Analysis of processes, running in the efficient emitters at the condition of irradiating by scanning bunch and choice necessary hardware and technical facilities has been offered. It has been considered an inaccuracy of measurement of secondary electronic emission factor under different checking. The theoretical motivations for the building mathematical models of leaving the secondary electrons from the solid-state under the action of falling on it flow of primary electrons are considered. On mathematical models, based on the result of deciding a kinetic equation, an algorithm of calculation of true secondary electronic emission factor depending on energy of primary electrons has been designed. A structured scheme of automated software-technical complex, allowing measure a factor of secondary electronic emission of different material with the high degree of validity are stated.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2013;16(2):101-107
pages 101-107 views

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