Vol 17, No 1 (2014)


The dynamics of entangled atoms with two-photon transitions taking into account the Stark shift of energy levels

Bashkirov E., Mastyugin M.


The influence of Stark shift on atom-atom entanglement of two identical atoms interacting with mode of electromagnetic field in lossless cavity via degenerate two-photon transitions has been investigated. The possibility of control of the degree of atomic entanglement and the disappearance of entanglement sudden death effect due to Stark shift has been shown.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):7-12
pages 7-12 views

Technologies and methods for producing nanotubes

Nikolaev D.


Main conception of fullerenes that represents a molecular formula of carbon and about single-layer and multilayer carbon nanotubes. Structure of nanotubes are presented in this article. Main methods of multilayer nanotube production are brought into account. Carbon nanotubes are usually produced in a process of condensation of carbon-metallic vapor by catalytic pyrolysis of hydrocarbon formula from CO, CH

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):13-18
pages 13-18 views

Nanoscale piezoelectric transducers for elastic waves of terahertz range excitation in graphene-like 2D-suprakristals

Brazhe R., Kochaev A., Sovetkin A.


The opportunity for elastic waves of terahertz range excitation in graphene and graphene-like 2D-suprakristalls is demonstrated. As the piezoelectric transducer which is in acoustic contact with a sound wire it is recommended to use its own end perforated by the holes of a certain form, size and orientation. The given calculations show that production of similar piezoelectric transducers corresponds to opportunities of modern nanotechnology.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):19-26
pages 19-26 views

Electrodynamic analysis of transmission coefficient of H

Makeeva G., Golovanov O., Shirshikov D., Gorlov G.


The mathematical model of diffraction of wave modes on the samples of nanocomposites, based on arrays of carbon nanotubes with magnetic nanoparticles, was developed taking into account the exchange interaction and boundary conditions. The computational algorithm for calculation of scattering parameters of S-matrix for 3D magnetic nanostructures in waveguides was created by using the multilevel re-composition of autonomous blocks with Floquet channels. Using the numerical autonomous blocks with Floquet channels method the results of electrodynamic calculation of the transmission coefficients of H

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):27-34
pages 27-34 views

About discrete mapping the Van der Pol oscillator

Zaitsev V.


New discrete mappings of classical self-oscillatory system - Van der Paul’s oscillator are offered. Displays are received on the basis of a combination of methods of parametrical synthesis and invariance of pulse characteristics of dynamic systems. Examples of generation of regular and chaotic self-oscillations in discrete time are given.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):35-40
pages 35-40 views

Low-dimensional resonator for near-field microwave-microscope

Usanov D., Gorbatov S., Kvasko V., Fadeev A.


Studied theoretically and experimentally the field distribution in the cavity of the «metal post with a gap - shorting piston with recess» is used as a resonant system for near-field microwave microscope. Distribution fields allow you to place a near-field microwave probe microscope in the region of maximum field localization.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):41-44
pages 41-44 views

Evaluation parameters rate of change of the microwave bipolar transistor operated in the high mode

Fedotov A.


Calculated rate of change of topological parameters (width and doping level of the base as well as the coefficient of heterogeneity) bipolar p-n-p-transistor, designed for operation at temperatures

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):45-49
pages 45-49 views

Effect of the finite conductivity of the walls on the circular waveguide field structure and characteristics

Biryukov V., Grachev V.


The use of the impedance method for the decision of a task on propagation of waves in a round waveguide with a non-ideal conducting surface is considered. The comparison with results received with the help of a disturbance method is given.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):50-53
pages 50-53 views

The design of smallsized low level attenuators

Bazhilov V., Mihalitsyn E.


The problem of a low level attenuators complex design is concerned here. The analysis consists of direct current calculation, temperature resistive coefficients estimation and high frequency modeling results which take into consideration the laser trimmer effect. There is some information to concern the resistance errors due to the laser heating effect. The DC design procedure is based on using of the partial region method for the trimmed inhomogeneous thin resistive film structure. Distributed structure equivalent resistances which could be measured and controlled are obtained. Moreover, the present study provides an assuming of frequency bandwidth for laser adjusted attenuators with different values of a surface resistance. The proposed numerical model in the paper does not account for the laser beam size, which is much smaller than the dimensions of the resistive film. The profound work deals with the simmetrical resistive structure which is rarely performed in a practice. The present study provides the base information for characteristics and limitations of adjusted low level attenuators for specialists and engineers.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):54-63
pages 54-63 views

Analysis algorithm of the thin electric vibrator

Kupriyanov D.


Compiled a simple algorithm for calculating the dipole antennas. Includes current detection on the vibrator and use pattern. There is an example.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):64-66
pages 64-66 views

The influence of the location of compensating channels upon the adaptive jammer canceller efficiency in a radar with antenna array

Yastrebov A., Myakinkov A.


The mathematical modeling of space-time processing algorithms for antenna array with a large quantity of elements is carried out. The optimal location of the compensating elements is determined.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):67-72
pages 67-72 views

Colorimetrically accurate color accounting and external conditions of perception television image

Lozhkin L., Neganov V., Soldatov A.


It is shown that color chromaticity coordinates, which are inside the triangle gamut screen television may play a colorimetric exactly, i. e. without color distortion. Provides a method for implementing a television system with calorimetrically accurate color reproduction of images. It is shown that the external conditions of observation (external lighting, the brightness of its color and) affect the perception of the television image. Color correction is proposed television images from the influence of external light on the quality of color.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):73-82
pages 73-82 views

Reel accelerator of solid bodies

Sukhachev K., Semkin N.


The analysis of the coil electromagnetic launchers. The mathematical modeling of a single stage of the electromagnetic accelerator. The influence of parameters of traction coils, the initial conditions and the particle material to the final speed.

Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems. 2014;17(1):83-91
pages 83-91 views

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