Experimental estimates of angular coordinates and location of radio sources by highly mobile detector direction finders

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Using the panoramic digital detector direction finder located onboard the pilotless aircraft of plane type of small range in the conditions of a radio measuring polygon experimental estimates of angular data and location of the sources of a radio emission functioning at fixed frequencies and in the mode of program reorganization of operating frequency are carried out. Angular data of objects decided by a phase method on use of procedures of fast Fourier transform, synchronous spectrum analysis of signals in receiving channels and elimination of ambiguity of measurements of attacks of phases by finding of indicators of their multiplicity. At a fixing of radiators the choice of a flight trajectory of the pilotless aircraft by criterion of a minimum of mean square errors of estimates of location was carried out; options of the movement of the carrier of the direction finder equipment on an arc with the maximum corner of a notch of a bearing are implemented and filched at a task of course corners in turning points of a route on the basis of a posteriori values of dispersion of coordinates of objects. The analysis of mean square measurement errors of angular data and fixing of simulators of the sources of a radio emission executed on the basis of standard signal generators, and radio stations in frequency range 30…3000 MHz is carried out.

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S.N. Razinkov

MERC AF «N.E. Zhukovsky and Y.A. Gagarin Air Force Academy»

Author for correspondence.
Email: razinkovsergey@rambler.ru


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