Current state and development prospects of design and technology of ceramic filters for on-board microwave equipment

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The article considers the main design and technology issues of ceramic filters for on-board receiving and transmitting microwave equipment on the example of the development of the branch of RFNC-ARIEP «RIMS named after Yu.E. Sedakov». The types of band-pass filters based on coaxial ceramic resonators created in recent years hear are presented. The features of their designs and technology in the manufacture on the basis of RIMS are considered, including if it is necessary to manufacture in a short time a limited number of coaxial ceramic resonators of band-pass filters of arbitrary shape and size. The results of the current developments of band-pass filters, planned for use in the advanced equipment are presented.

About the authors

V.A. Kozlov

Branch of RFNC-ARIEP «RIMS named after Yu.E. Sedakov»

Author for correspondence.

A.L. Kunilov

Branch of RFNC-ARIEP «RIMS named after Yu.E. Sedakov»


M.M. Ivoylova

Branch of RFNC-ARIEP «RIMS named after Yu.E. Sedakov»



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Copyright (c) 2019 Kozlov V., Kunilov A., Ivoylova M.

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