Program of electromagnetic modeling antenna arrays HF-range

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The program of electromagnetic modeling antenna arrays HF-range has been developed to eliminate the shortcomings and limitations of the existing programs of analysis and synthesis of wire antennas. The technique assuming the numerical solution of systems singular integral equations of Pocklington type in approximation of a projection method Galerkin forms a basis of the software. Decomposition of unknown current density functions in the basis of piecewise linear functions is performed. The generated software solution made it possible to implement computational procedures in the near-real-time mode without imposing restrictions on the size and number of elements in the analyzed antenna array when parallelizing computational processes with numerical integration on the CPU. To demonstrate the functionality of the program, examples of modeling a wire Z-shaped antenna array are given.

About the authors

I.S. Polyanskii

The Academy of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.

N.S. Arkhipov

JSC «Eureka»


D.K. Ketoh

The Academy of the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation



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