Comparison of the main aspects of modern approaches to the development of surface acoustic wave filters: model of the coupling of mode and the finite element method

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This article discusses the main issues of designing filters based on surface acoustic waves. A type of band-pass filter based on longitudinal resonant modes is presented. The features of the calculation based on two approaches are considered: the coupled mode model and the finite element method. Practical recommendations are proposed for reducing the time of filter calculation in numerical simulation. The results of calculating and measuring the transmission coefficient of a filter on a leaky surface acoustic waves on a 36° YX-cut lithium tantalate substrate are presented and compared. The main aspects and directions in which the considered modeling methods can be compared are highlighted and analyzed. It is shown that the use of different modeling approaches increases the development efficiency, and fast analytical models are required for the synthesis and optimization of filter parameters.

About the authors

Aleksey S. Koigerov

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University

Author for correspondence.
5, Professora Popova Street, 197376, Saint Petersburg, Russia


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