Scientific Publishing Press at Samara National Research University (hereinafter — Scientific University Press) is a division that professionally ensures the publication of scientific papers in the university journals in engineering, science, economics, law, social studies, and other research areas.

The Scientific University Press enables compliance with the requirements of Russian and international publishing standards when preparing papers for publication in the university journals.

The activities of the Scientific University Press are aimed at the development and promotion of scientific publications of Samara University in the Russian and international scientific and information space.

Currently, Samara University is the founder (cofounder) and publisher of 14 scientific periodicals (scientific journals):

  1. VESTNIK of Samara University. Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
  2. Vestnik of Samara University. Natural Science Series
  3. Vestnik of Samara University. History, pedagogics, philology
  4. Vestnik of Samara University. Economics and Management
  5. Juridical Journal of Samara University
  6. Computer Optics
  7. Journal of Biomedical Photonics & Engineering
  8. Journal of Dynamics and Vibroacoustics
  9. Ontology of Designing
  10. Physics of Wave Processes and Radio Systems
  11. Proceedings of young scientists and specialists of the Samara University
  12. Semiotic studies
  13. Mathematics, Economics and Management
  14. Juridical Analytical Journal

Electronic versions of all journals of Samara University are available at

The cofounders of several university journals are the following:

  • Crystallography and Photonics Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (click here);
  • Institute for the Control of Complex Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (click here);
  • Limited Liability Company Novaya Tekhnika Enterprise (OOO Novaya Tekhnika);
  • Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics (click here).

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