Cluster entity development challenges and possible solutions

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For the modern economy of Russia, the problem of the development of the country's industrial complex is acute. An analysis of industrial development trends shows that despite the implementation of import substitution programs, industry has not become the dominant sector in the country's GDP structure, development trends are slowing down, new innovative enterprises and jobs appear in a single quantity. The country's industry is characterized by new institutional formations – clusters. Cluster entities can be innovative-territorial, industrial and other. Cluster education is an association of industrial enterprises, scientific and educational structures, as well as other actors whose results participate in the formation of the finished product. Thus, the study of the problems of the development of cluster formations is one of the important tasks in determining the weaknesses, strengths, and directions for the development of the country's industry.

About the authors

Tatyana A. Makarenya

Southern Federal University

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-8251-3912

Doctor of Economics, associate professor, head of the Department of Engineering Economics

Russian Federation, 44, Nekrasovskiy Lane, Taganrog


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