Methodological aspect of assessing the military-economic efficiency of the logistics potential of a coalition group of troops on the territory of a CSTO member state


The article considers the methodological aspect of assessing the military-economic efficiency of the logistics potential of a coalition group of troops on the territory of a CSTO member state. A system for assessing the quality of management of logistics support processes for the coalition group of troops (forces) has been developed. This assessment system corresponds to the methodological principles underlying its development (consistency, validity, objectivity, information content). At the conclusion of the authors of the article suggested methodological aspect is application of special methods of expert assessment to the construction of matrix profile highlight the level of the management hierarchy, functional areas and indicators of the level of quality control and to determine the level of quality of management of existing resources departments of logistics for coalition groups in the direction of timely and full provision of contingent troops in the territory of a state party to the CSTO.

About the authors

Sergei V. Stulov

Volsky Military Institute of Material Support

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-1701-3193

Russian Federation, 3, M. Gorkogo Street, Volsk, Saratov region, Russian Federation, 412903.

Candidate of Economic Sciences, doctoral student of full-time tenured doctoral


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