Competition and state regulation of economy of the Russian Federation

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Now in Russia there are two contradictory terms, with the growth of rights of enterprises and decrease of the powers of governing bodies, we increasingly see the emergence of monopoly and breach of contractual obligations. In some situations, the existence of monopolies is certainly useful, but the state should keep an eye on further development of situation in the market, establish strict control over the activities of monopolies and prevent abuse by their situation. The goal of the research is to find the main shortcomings of antimonopoly system of legislation, also need on settlement of ratio of monopoly and competition is noted, the situation on the market is analyzed and possible measures on the solution of problems of market mechanism are proposed.

About the authors

I. V. Goman

Department of Economics, Samara State University, Samara, 443011, Russian Federation.

Author for correspondence.

A. V. Egorova

3rd year student, Faculty of Economics and Management, Samara
State University, Samara, 443011, Russian Federation.



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