From the Economic Councils to clusters. Part 2. Economic councils in 1957-1965 years

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In this article (second on the proposed topic) problems of creation and functioning of the Economic Councils in 1957-1965 in the former Soviet Union are viewed. As it was shown in the first article, in 1917-1932 economic councils have played a crucial role in the creation of the socialist economy. At the same time, the revival of Economic Councils in 1957 was motivated by a similar situation, namely postwar recovery of the national economy, development of industrially backward regions, development of natural resources of the country. Accordingly, the territorial form of industrial management in conjunction with the industry was designed to promote economic development of regions as well as country in the whole. The article highlighted positive and negative factors of economic development under the control of Economic Councils, the conclusions on the use of good practices for the development of regional economies are made.

About the authors

N. K. Borisyuk

Dept. of State and Municipal Administration and Management Orenburg State University, 460018, Russian Federation, Orenburg, pr. Pobedy, 13.

Author for correspondence.

Z. A. Ermakova

the Dept. of Personnel Management, Service and Tourism, Orenburg State University, Orenburg, 460018, Russian Federation



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