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The article discusses the role in the economics of creative management business with its human capital, but realized it provided a meaningful target focus on the creation of the consumer. At the same time, business management and is its «achilles heel»: from the standpoint of business economics it hired staff does not produce a profit and surplusalue, examples same profit – is «the handiwork» of exceptionally consumers.It is shown that besides the two known basic preneurialbusiness management functions (markerting and innovation), there is a third – a permanentcapacitybuilding human capital ofthe enterprise, without regard to which the first two can be oflittle help in achieving acceptable economic results.The definition of the concept of «enlightenedmanagement business» as marketing- oriented eupsychianmanagement for technically trained workers and it is necessary in forming a social partnership inmanagement business.

About the authors

V. T. Kiriltsev

Department of General and Strategic Management, Samara State University, Samara, 443011, Russian Federation.

Author for correspondence.


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