Estimation of influence of correlated non-Gaussian noise on measuring accuracy of signal information parameters

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The potential measuring accuracy of the signal information parameters on background of non-Gaussian correlated additive and multiplicative noise in short range conditions is estimated. It is shown that the accuracy of measuring of signal parameters increases with increasing difference between the probability density distribution of the estimated parameter and the influencing noise from the Gaussian one. It is noted that the increase in the correlation coefficient leads to increase in the generalized signal-to-noise ratio and the accuracy of measurement of information parameters. It is shown that the multiplicative noise leads to bias of the estimated parameters of motion, and accounting the bias allows you to move to unbiased estimates.

About the authors

V.M. Artyushenko

Технологический университет

Author for correspondence.

V.I. Volovach

Поволжский государственный университет сервиса


V.N. Budilov

Поволжский государственный университет сервиса



Copyright (c) 2018 Artyushenko V., Volovach V., Budilov V.

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