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In the article, the authors study innovative clusters of the Samara region, indicators of innovative development of the region. It is determined that the innovative activity of the industrial complex began its implementation on an unprepared basis. In this paper, a statistical analysis of indicators of innovation activity of the industrial complex of the region is carried out. The authors concluded that for effective innovative development of the industrial complex of the region, it is necessary to modernize the technological base. A model of innovative development of the region's industry based on innovative clusters is proposed.

About the authors

Nikolay M. Tyukavkin

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Economics, professor, head of the Department of Innovation Economics

Russian Federation

Kirill I. Goman

Master's Degree Student of the Department of Innovation Economics


Samara National Research University

Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2020 Николай Михайлович Тюкавкин, Кирилл Игоревич Гоман

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