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Of particular relevance, this article is due to the fact that Public
support for agriculture and sustainable rural development, one of the
main problems in modern Russia. After all, our agricultural industry
needs the support of the government in the reconstruction and
development of agricultural sectors (cattle breeding, poultry farming,
vegetable growing, crops, etc.), Our country has huge land resources.
The appropriate budgetary support, this branch has become a
priority of the state, thanks to which agriculture becomes a
promising sector of the economy.

About the authors

N. I. Pritkova

Department of Economics of Innovations, Samara University, 34, Moskovskoye shosse, Samara, 443086, Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.

O. V. Starostina

Department of Economics of Innovations, Samara University, 34, Moskovskoye shosse, Samara, 443086, Russian Federation.



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