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In the article the basic principles and tendencies of development of management processes of an organization are considered. On the basis of research of the basic principles of management it is shown that they were created under the influence of many factors among which in modern conditions human factor, time factor, factors of scientific and technical progress, factors of external and internal environment of an organization and others get particular significance. As the main tendency of development of strategic management orientation to the client not as the accounting of interests of the client from business positions, but as the accounting of an assessment by the client of efficiency of business is allocated. The conclusion is drawn that such approach assumes need of a choice of that strategy of development of an organization at which the compromise between interests of the client and interests of business will be chosen.

About the authors

I. V. Kosyakova

the Dept. of National and World Economy, Samara State Technical University, Samara, 443100, Russian Federation.

Author for correspondence.

I. V. Kosyakova

the Dept. of Industrial Economics, Samara State University of Economics, Samara, 443090, Russian Federation.



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