Determination of the crystal lattice parameters based on the fast Fourier transform

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In this work, it is shown that the image formed as a result of the passage of coherent radiation through the crystal has certain characteristic features. When the crystal is rotated with respect to the propagation axis of the investigated beam, the formation of the intensity distribution of a complex structure associated with the transformation of the «flat image» into «volumetric» was detected at the output. Crystalline plates can be used to form the distribution of a continuous «flat» light field in the implementation of a real 3D scene, which can provide a three-dimensional image on a television screen, as well as on a computer monitor screen. It can also be used in billboards. The three-dimensional image obtained in this way can be observed directly with the eyes of a person (without using special glasses. Thus, the information capacity of the image on the screen increases, and the perception of the picture approaches real conditions.

About the authors

Maxim Yu. Ponamarev

Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics

Author for correspondence.


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