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Various bills, concepts and approaches to the improvement of civil and legal regulation of relations in the sphere of the so-called «digital economy» are analyzed in the article. Their correlation with the already established and well-grounded elements of the mechanism of civil law regulation is estimated. The author comes to the conclusion that, within the framework of the so-called «digital reality», there is an unjustified confusion of some new social relations with basic interactions. The hopelessness of the legislator’s aspiration to extend the civil-law regime of things to the so-called «digital financial assets» is proved to be futile, they are proposed to be understood as actions on which the obligations rights arise. It shows the doubtfulness of the concept of total refusal to monopoly on the results of their intellectual work, which is proposed to be replaced with the idea of confidential objectification of the result of intellectual activity. As part of strengthening of civil-law protection of personal data (the so-called «large data»), it is proposed to designate as an object of civil legal relations not information, but actions to collect impersonal information.

About the authors

O. M. Rodionova

Department of Civil Law, Saratov State Law Academy

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2018 О. М. Родионова

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