In this article the author discusses some problematic topical issues of information security in society and state; defines the phenomenon of «Information security»; addresses private law and public-legal means of its ensuring in the modern world. Based on the study and analysis of the current situation in a dynamic and developing world it was found out that to mass media, including electronic ones, belong one of the leading roles in the processes of integration and globalization. Without proper and adequate information security we can not speak about any efficiency and productivity of domestic and foreign policy of our state. The article reveals some gaps and conflicts of the current legislation of the Russian Federation in this sphere. It is noted that this problem is insufficiently studied and requires further research by scholars and practitioners. Definite conclusion about the need for early development of the concept of information security of Russia, including through the modernization and improvement of normative legal acts is made.

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Maxim Evgenievich Repin

Shift man of the police control room of the police office № 5, Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod

Author for correspondence.
Email: grigorjewa.katerina@yandex.ru
Russian Federation


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