Analysis ofmulticomponent mixture on the example of the drug ”Pentalgin” bythe methods of TLC and IR-Fourier spectrometry

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The definition of a qualitative composition of multicomponent drugs ”Pen- talgin” and ”Pentalgin ICN” by TLC and IR-spectrometry is carried out. It is shown that using just TLC or just FT-IR spectrometry does not allow us to identify all the major components. It has been proposed an authentication scheme, which includes the steps of isolating of the test components, their sep- aration by TLC, followed by extraction of components and definition by FTIR spectrometry. The combination of these two techniques allows to separate and identify almost all the most important components of the mixture.

About the authors

A.L. Lobachev

Samara State University

Author for correspondence.

N.A. Red’kin

Samara State University


Yu.V. Trifonova

Samara State University



Copyright (c) 2017 А.Л. Лобачев, Н.А. Редькин, Ю.В. Трифонова

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