Computational algorithm of forming program motion in a scheduled turn of small spacecraft
Salmin V.V., Filatov A.V., Tkachenko I.S., Tyugashev A.A., Sopchenko E.V.
Determination of spacecraft antenna directivity pattern with the use of an Earth-based station
Vasyutkina O.V., Vopilin A.V., Raduchev S.V., Khalilov R.R., Yakunin V.S.
Optimal program of controlling continuous low thrust in the flight between noncoplanar elliptical and geostationary orbits
Fadeenkov P.V., Ishkov S.A.
Development of a prototype of a multi-loop closedbrayton cycle gas turbine power system
Arbekov A.N., Novitskiy B.B.
Choice of design characteristics of «garbage collector» spacecraft with a low-thrust electrojet engine
Ishkov S.A., Filippov G.A.
Problems of unmanned spacecraft reengineering in abnormal flight situations and their knowledge-based solutions
Akhmetov R.N., Makarov V.P., Sollogub A.V.
Calculation of power dissipation in corps of onboard equipment of space vehicle in direct electrostatic discharge
Kostin A.V.
Peculiarities of using additional low-power energy sources in the power supply system of small spacecraft
Kargu D.L., Beznyakov A.M., Nemirov A.V., Radionov N.V., Chudnovsky Y.A.
Research of small spacecraft dynamiсs taking into account the influence of elastic vibrations of asjacent solar panels and aerodynamic moment
Yelenev V.D., Titov B.A., Davydov E.I., Davydov I.E., Kochyan A.G., Yudintsev V.V.
Dynamics of spacecraft landing in the area of its contact with the surface
Voronin V.V.
Protocols of stitching image strips formed by optoelectronic converters and their application
Kuznetsov P.K., Martem’ianov B.V., Miatov G.N., Yudakov A.A.
Design of control moment gyro electric drive with strict requirements on ensuring desired rotational velocities
Polozhentcev D.S., Davidov A.A., Shipov M.G., Kazakov E.P., Malykh B.I.
Adaptive algorithm of determining low altitude spacecraft orientation on the basis of processing instant diverse-type measurements
Grigoryeva M.Y., Kramlikh A.V.
Ion source of DMS-01 scientific equipment for «AIST no 2» small spacecraft
Semkin N.D., Piyakov I.V., Rodina M.A., Rodin D.V.
Peculiarities of acoustic loading of the space vehicle in the nose fairing launched as part of a «Soyuz»-type rocket
Popov P.A., Sindyukov A.A., Kryuchkov A.N.
Spacecraft power supply system using additional low-power sources of energy
Kargu D.L., Beznyakov A.M., Nemirov A.V.
Development of a solar battery orientation robot system for small spacecraft
Beznyakov A.M., Vlasov V.A., Malenin E.N.
Stochastic method of investigating perturbed motion of a space vehicle in the atmosphere
Sokolov N.L.
Methods of protecting unpressurized compartments of spacecraft from the penetration of electromagnetic field
Syomkin N.D., Balakin V.L., Bragin V.V.
Choice of design parameters of universal platforms of small space vehicles
Volotsuev V.V., Tkachenko I.S., Safronov S.L.
Method of calculating self-capacitance in planar structural elements of a spacecraft
Syomkin N.D., Bragin V.V., Pomelnikov R.A., Balakin V.L.
Device for monitoring radiation situation on spacecraft
Syomkin N.D., Plokhotnichenko P.G., Ilyin A.B., Kalaev M.P., Ryazanov D.M., Pomel'nikov P.A.
Sensor equipment “Shtil-M” for carrying out experiments on the “Resource-P” spacecraft
Semkin N.D., Voronov K.E., Pomelnikov R.A., Shatrov S.A., Piyakov A.V., Bragin V.V.
Visual approach to verifictaion of real-time control software
Tyugashev A.A., Bogatov A.Y., Shulyndin A.V.
History of small space vehicle progress and development at Plesetsk cosmodrome. Current problems of further development
Korotkov V.V., Vinogradov A.V.
Small spacecraft for the registration of micrometeorites and space debris
Semkin N.D., Telegin А.М., Vidmanov A.S.
Electrization of the surface of low-orbiting small spacecraft “AIST”
Syomkin N.D., Bragin V.V., Piyakov A.V., Telegin A.M., Ryazanov D.M., Matviets M.G.
Integrated assessment of the efficiency of an orbital inspection space system based on small satellites
Tkachenko I.S., Kaurov I.V.
Choosing the form of space vehicle designed for descent in the rarefied atmosphere of Mars
Aslanov V.S., Ledkov A.S.
Analytical evaluation of the accuracy of spacecraft autonomous navigation according to the results of flight altitude adaptive measurement
Golyakov A.D., Fominov I.V.
Peculiarities of Earth observation space vehicle control in contingencies
Akhmetov R.N., Makarov V.P., Sollogub A.V.
Determination of optimum plans of Earth Remote Sensing spacecraft detailed survey by the use of a graph
Buzuev K.V.
Selection of sites and angles for placing star coordinators of remote sensing satellites
Akhmetov R.N., Kurenkov V.I., Stratilatov N.R., Fedorenko O.G., Shilov L.B.
Procedure of comparative assessment of the efficiency of Earth remote sensing satellites with different optoelectronic telescopic complexes
Stratilatova N.N., Kurenkov V.I., Kucherov A.S., Egorov A.S.
Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of the application of perspective types of electric propulsion thrusters in the small spacecraft
Kulkov V.M., Obukhov V.A., Yegorov Y.G., Belik A.A., Krainov A.M.
Metodological basis of the development of a problem-oriented system for selecting design parameters of space vehicles
Stratilatov N.R., Kurenkov V.I., Kucherov A.S., Yakishik A.A.
Reducing the influence of interference of spacecraft magnetic field on magnetic measurements
Beznyakov A.M., Guriev I.S., Ryzhova I.P.
Software and algorithmic support for the ground-based complex for small spacecraft attitude determination
Grigoryeva M.Y., Kramlikh A.V.
Choosing the place for the installation of navigation system aerials on the ERS spacecraft body
Akhmetov R.N., Kurenkov V.I., Stratilatov N.R., Shilov L.B., Gordeev A.I.
Simulating electromagnetic field distribution due to electrostatic discharge on the spacecraft surface
Syomkin N.D., Balakin V.L., Bragin V.V.
Calculation of the electromagnetic field in homogeneous hull of on board equipment of space vehicle under influence of electrostatic discharges
Kostin A.V.
Bringing spacecraft into solar-oriented attitude by the measurements of a single-axis angular-rate sensor and an optical solar sensor
Shipov M.G., Steklova A.A., Davydov A.A.
Concept of multilevel adaptation of integrated navigation systems of small spacecraft
Fominov I.V.
Synthesis of dynamic modes of attitude motion of spacecraft with solid propellant rocket engine
Balakin V.L., Doroshin A.V., Krikunov M.M.
Results of operation of scientific hardware «Space system of microacceleration compensation»
Semkin N.D., Piyakov I.V.
Development of methods for ensuring energy balance for the operation of mission equipment of “AIST”-series small satellites under conditions of power limitations
Ivanushkin M.A., Salmin V.V., Tkachenko S.I., Tkachenko I.S., Volgin S.S.
Method of choosing spacecraft design characteristics on the basis of creating task-oriented systems of computer-aided design
Kucherov A.S., Kurenkov V.I.
Orbital tether system motion equations considering space vehicle vibrations
Aslanov V.S., Stratilatov N.R.
Refinement of operable state recovery algorithms for “AIST” small satellites on the basis of telemetric information
Volgin S.S., Salmin V.V., Tkachenko S.I., Tkachenko I.S., Ivanushkin M.A.
Constructive actions for decreasing the acoustic pressure inside space-rocket products
Popov P.A., Sindyukov A.A.
Optimal control of spacecraft motion in the vicinity of Eros 433 asteroid
Shornikov A.Y.
Optimal stabilization of small spacecraft angular motion in the process of deployment of an orbital tether system
Zabolotnov Y.M., Lobankov A.A.
Modal analysis of the dynamic mockup of “AIST–2D” small spacecraft
Igolkin A.A., Safin A.I., Filipov A.G.
Control program for noncoplanar heliocentric flight to Venus of non-perfectly reflecting solar sail spacecraft
Khabibullin R.M.
Vibration resistance problem for a space vehicle with single-degree-of-freedom powered gyroscopes
Filippov Y.I., Peresypkin K.V.
Thermal control of spacecraft star sensor attitude control system based on the solution of a coupled thermoelasticity problem
Tsaplin S.V., Bolychev S.A.
Reduction of angular velocities of AIST-2D spacecraft using a system of kinetic moment dumping
Shipov M.G.
Influence of the reliability of Earth remote sensing spacecraft onboard systems on the monitoring of imaging periodicity
Kirilin A.N., Akhmetov R.N., Kurenkov V.I., Kapitonov V.A., Stratilatov N.R., Lokhmatkin V.V.
Сonceptual design of small spacecraft with a high resolution P-VHF band bistatic SAR system
Goryachkin O.V., Maslov I.V., Zhengurov B.G.
Creation of infotainment support of designing of control algorithms logic of spacecraft onboard control complexeses
1 1.
Determining the dynamics of spacecraft rotational motion with the use of information provided by global navigation satellite systems
Belokonov I.V., Kramlikh A.V., Lomaka I.A.
The usage of high power supply capacity transport spacecraft
Ivanovich S.N.
Optimum programs of correction of quasielliptical and circular orbits of spacecraft with the limited-thrust engine
Khramov A.A.
Usage of the graphical languages in lifecycle of embedded software for spacecrafts
1 1., 1 1.
Dependence of the extent to which the space vehicle’s own atmosphere and plasma generated by stationary plasma engines affect the space vehicle on its structural lay-out
Testoyedov N.A., Smirnov V.A.
Flight development tests and attempted operation of «AIST» small satellites
Kirilin A.N., Tkachenko S.I., Salmin V.V., Semkin N.D., Papkov A.P., Abrashkin V.I., Tkachenko I.S., Zheleznov Y.E., Galaeva E.Y.
Development of small satellite structure taking into account the use of laser measuring systems
Shaposhnikov S.N.
Application of simulation modelling in static tests of space-rocket vehicles
Grebnev D.N., Duplihin V.K., Zuperman J.A., Aistov A.I., Kukushkin V.E.
Russian-Azerbaijani space project of a small satellite for science and technology experiments
Samedov A.S., Panasyuk M.I., Abdulaev P.S., Bogomolov V.V., Gasanov R.A., Ibragimov R.A., Iyudin A.F., Mammadzada T.G., Musaev A.A., Osedlo V.I., Petrov V.L., Podzolko M.V., Popova E.P., Rustamov R., Svertilov S.I., Seiidov H., Yashin I.V.
Analysis of the accuracy of Earth remote sensing satellite angular motion control and track guidance during route observation intervals
Galkina A.S., Platoshin I.V.
Locally optimal control of space tug motion between the libration points of the Earth-Moon system
Starinova O.L., Fain M.K.
System of artificial intellect support of low-thrust spacecraft interplanetary mission optimization
Starinova O.L.
Investigation of the technology of mutual navigation and orientation of small space vehicles flying in formation
Nebylov A.V., Perliouk V.V., Leontieva T.S.
Approximate methods of calculating optimal flights of space vehicles with low-thrust engines. Part II
Salmin V.V., Vassiliev V.V., Ishkov S.A., Romanenko V.A., Sokolov V.O., Starinova O.L., Yurin V.V.
Efficiency of using electric propulsion engines for the task of keeping in a near-circular orbit
Ishkov S.A.
Iteration procedure of choosing a low-thrust rendezvous transfer control program in problems of space debris disposal in the geostationary orbit
Philippov G.A.
Choosing the structure of power-supply systems for low-orbit space vehicles
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Solving the problem of stabilizing program deployment of an orbital tether system taking into account limitations on the rotary motion of the tip body
1 1., 1 1.
Estimation of the required thrust impulse for small spacecraft (SSC) control system with a propulsion system using fuel gas components
Titov B.A., Koltsov I.V.
The analysis of methods of protection of onboard equipment of space vehicles from influence of factors of the electrostatic discharge
Kostin A.V.
Oxyhydrogen propulsion device base on water electrolysis and lrest on component H2 + O2 for control system SS
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Optimization of spatial turns of «AIST-2» small spacecraft on the basis of the principle of minimum control
Petrishchev V.F., Shipov M.G.
Technical approach for estimation of engineering level of universal launch complexes for space launch vehicles witn use of overal parameter
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Experiments aboard the space vehicle “Photon-M” NO.3 and some reseelts of the mission
Abrashkin V.I., Shatokhin S.M., Kovalyova T.B., Safronov S.L.
Procedure of accomodation of earth remote sansing satellite external devices with regard for the satellite target operation
Akhmetov R.N., Shilov L.B., Kurenkov V.I., Yakischik A.A.
Optimization methods of design-ballistic characteristics circumterraneous and interplanetary space vehicle with electrojet engines of low thrust
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Ground testingresults of loop heat pipe used to maintain thermal conditions of equipment
Biryuk V.V., Kitaev A.I.
The design shape and basic performances of small satellite of SSAU and SRP SRC “TSSKB-Progress”
1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
Ways of the development of the radar space systems of the remote sensing of the Earth
1 1.
Modeling external thermal influence of infrared radiation sources during tests of rocket and space equipment in VK-600/300
Dobritsa D.B., Ushakova A.A., Shabarchin A.F., Yashchenko B.Y.
The rotation maneuvers and synthesis of gyromoment guidance laws for land-survey spacecraft
1 1., 1 1., 1 1.
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