Investigation of the characteristics of the component of vibration of gas turbine engine gearbox that causes fatigue failures of its structural elements in case of tooth flank wear

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The paper presents an analysis of the component of vibration of the NK-12MP turboprop engine differential gearbox that is generated by the wear of the flanks of the teeth of the “sun gear – planet gear assembly” pair and at certain values of its intensity may cause fatigue breakdown of the engine’s structural elements. A complex of diagnostic indicators is determined on the basis of this component. Its intensity is shown to be maximal in steady-state operation of the engine with the greatest run time. The data obtained by the spectrum of maxima are shown to have higher information content as compared to the autospectrum data. The complex of diagnostic indicators proposed on the basis of the component under consideration makes it possible to successfully control the technical condition of the differential gearbox by the defects of “gear tooth flank wear”.

About the authors

A. E. Sundukov

Turbine SK LLC

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-9411-2745

Candidate of Science (Engineering), Engineering Director

Russian Federation


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