Using signals from the gas-turbine engine shaft speed sensor in the diagnosis of the technical condition of its reduction gearbox

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It is shown that analyzing the signals from “standard” sensors of gas-turbine engine shaft speed we can resolve some issues of diagnostics of the technical condition of the reduction gearbox without installing any additional vibration transducers. It was found, in particular, that the vibration spectrum component generated by the wear of the differential reduction device’s gear teeth causing resonant oscillations of the turbocharger blades produces torsional vibration at the appropriate frequency. The analysis of the parameters of the instantaneous rotational speed of the reduction gear output link (the shaft of the rear screw) made it possible to obtain some diagnostic indicators of the value of the reduction gear teeth wear on the basis of evaluation of the frequency deviations’ variance. It was established that the value of the diagnostic indicator is linearly dependent on the value of wear. The norm for this indicator was established for the engine under investigation. Significant influence of the load on its level was shown.

About the authors

A. A. Avramenko

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering),
Professor of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics

Russian Federation

A. N. Kryuchkov

Samara National Research University


Doctor of Science (Engineering),
Professor of the Department of Power Plant Automatic Systems

Russian Federation

S. M. Plotnikov

Samara National Research University


Graduate Student

Russian Federation

E. V. Sundukov

JSC Kuznetsov


Candidate of Science (Engineering),
Head of the Integrated Research Laboratory

Russian Federation

A. E. Sundukov

Turbine-SK LLC


Candidate of Science (Engineering),

Russian Federation


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