Simulation model of oscillations of the “sun gear – satellites” pair of turboprop engine planetary reduction gearbox in the presence of defects of tooth flanks

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Defects of planetary reduction gearboxes of turboprop engines often cause excitation of high-frequency oscillations that bring about failures of compressor structural elements. The vibration behavior of these reduction grarboxes is a broadband process with the presence of a large quantity of vibration components, which significantly complicates the search for informative diagnostic indicators of defects. In order to simplify the procedure of identifying the vibrations caused by defects of toothed gearing a simulation model of the vibration behavior of a turboprop engine differential gear unit is proposed. The model takes into account kinematics and design of the gearbox, determines the structure of its vibration behavior in the presence of defects on the tooth flanks. Using the example of a commonly occurring defect in the form of wear of the teeth of the “solar gear – satellites” pair the adequacy of the model to the actual vibration behavior of the mechanism is shown.

About the authors

A. N. Kryuchkov

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor, Department of Automatic
Systems of Power Plants

Russian Federation

S. M. Plotnikov

Samara National Research University


Graduate Student

Russian Federation

E. V. Sundukov

JSC Kuznetsov


Candidate of Science (Engineering),
Head of the Integrated Research Laboratory

Russian Federation

A. E. Sundukov

Turbine-SK LLC


Candidate of Science (Engineering),

Russian Federation


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