Improvement of fretting wear resistance of blade root made of polymer composite material

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Polymer composite materials (PCM) are being increasingly used in aircraft engine industry.  Development of PCM fan blade manufacturing technology that meets all the necessary strength requirements is an important task in creating Russian-made latest-generation engines. One of the problems to be faced is the wear of the blade root caused by cyclic micro-displacements in the interlock under the action of external forces. There are several engineering solutions to control surface wear of blade roots made of PCM that can basically be divided into three groups: manufacture of metal roots and the use of known methods of metal fretting prevention, use of replaceable special inserts placed between the contact surfaces of the root and the disk slot, application of elastic and damping elements. In this paper, we consider another method of controlling wear, the principal feature of which is stitching the blade pre-form with aramid thread that forms a layer with higher wear resistance on the root surface. In order to verify the efficiency of the proposed approach, model blades were made and tests were carried out on an electrodynamic shaker.

About the authors

T. D. Karimbayev

Central Institute of Aviation Motors

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering),
Head of the Department of Strength of Composite Materials

Russian Federation

D. V. Afanasiev

Central Institute of Aviation Motors


Head of Sector 20602, Department of Strength of Composite Materials

Russian Federation

D. V. Matyukhin

Central Institute of Aviation Motors


Lead Engineer, Department of Strength of Composite Materials

Russian Federation

M. A. Orlov

Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Head of Laboratory, Interdisciplinary Engineering Center of Composite Materials

Russian Federation


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