Method for determination of optimal geometrical parameters of a unit cell of X-shaped truss cores

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Recently, in order to develop high-strength lightweight core materials of sandwich structures for multi-functional applications, a large number of truss structures have been created, including pyramidal and tetrahedral truss cores. In this paper, a new truss structure is developed to be used as core material in sandwich panels. The X-shaped truss core consists of discrete hourglass-shaped unit cells formed by the groove-to-groove connection of two flat X-shaped truss elements made by metal plate cutting. In order to determine optimal geometrical parameters of a unit cell of X-shaped truss core, in this work it is proposed to plot the diagrams of relative density versus the angle of the rods for the required values of equivalent critical compression and lateral shear stresses, and for the required values of equivalent compression and shear stiffness of the unit cell of X-shaped truss core. The results show that with the same mechanical characteristics, the relative density of the optimal X-shaped truss core is less than the relative density of optimal pyramidal and tetrahedral truss cores.

About the authors

S. M. Mousavi Safavi

Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev

Author for correspondence.

Lecturer of the Aircraft Design Department

Russian Federation


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