Investigation of thermal conditions of nanosatellite optoelectronic telescopic module for different modes of operation

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The problem of studying thermal conditions of the optoelectronic telescopic module of a nanosatellite under the influence of operating conditions is considered. To maintain optimal thermal conditions of the telescopic lens, a thermal control system based on electric heaters was chosen. Based on the three-dimensional model, the thermal regime of the lens is calculated taking into account the real operating conditions of the nanosatellite in its orbital motion. As a result of the calculation by the finite element method, the dynamics of the temperature fields of the lens was obtained for different modes of operation of the nanosatellite: access to the established thermal conditions, earth terrain survey in normal and extended modes. It is shown that in different modes of operation the thermal control system maintains a given temperature range of optical elements with moderate energy consumption and provides lens efficiency during the entire time of operation of the optoelectronic telescopic module of the nanosatellite.

About the authors

S. V. Tsaplin

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Phys. & Math.)
Head of Laboratory “Radiation-matter interaction and radiation resistance of materials”

Russian Federation

S. A. Bolychev

Samara National Research University


Principal Software Engineer, Laboratory “Radiation-matter interaction and radiation resistance of materials”

Russian Federation


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