Influence of complex loading of radial bearings of the oscillation groups of liquid propellant engine steering gear on the frictional moment

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The paper presents a method for determining the frictional moments of the oscillation groups of the most widespread domestically made liquid propellant engine steering units. This is a topical issue requiring investigation to improve the efficiency and reliability of oscillation groups. The reason for the occurrence of an additional axial force in the radial bearings of the articulated joints that leads to an overestimation of the actual values of the moments relative to the theoretical values is shown. The procedure for calculating the maximum axial force and the accompanying increase in the moment, confirmed by the analysis of the results of the bench test of the experimental steering unit, is presented. An assessment of the range of axial forces in the absence of blocking of the axial movement of the bearing was carried out with a simultaneous analysis of the suitability of the existing methods for calculating the increase in the frictional moment for the obtained ratios of axial and radial loads. The direction of further research of low-speed radial bearings is determined, aimed at increasing the reliability of calculations and developing measures to minimize the frictional moment of production oscillation units.

About the authors

V. B. Balyakin

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor, Head of the Department of  Machine Design Principles

Russian Federation

A. V. Lavrin

Samara National Research University


Candidate of Science (Engineering), Associate Professor of the Department of Machine Design Principles

Russian Federation

D. E. Dolgikh

Samara National Research University


Postgraduate Student of the Department of Machine Design Principles

Russian Federation


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