Verification of a transonic stage CFD model for assessing the erosion wear influence on the operation of the axial compressor

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The paper presents the results of one of the stages of creating a model of assessing and forecasting the operating characteristics of a transonic compressor due to erosive wear. A numerical model of a transonic compressor stage is constructed and verified to substantiate its applicability in calculating various degrees of blade erosive wear. The article contains a review of the basic approaches for turbulence simulation, their application area and basic features connected with 3D-flow simulation in turbomachines. The parameters and settings of the numerical model are shown. The CFD-obtained results are presented and compared with the experimental data and results of other researchers. By this comparison the accuracy of the CFD-obtained overall performance and the quality of modeling local processes are determined. Possible ways of improving the model’s accuracy are also specified.

About the authors

V. L. Blinov

Ural Federal University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering), Associate Professor of the Department of Turbines and Engines

Russian Federation

I. S. Zubkov

Ural Federal University


Student of the Department of Turbines and Engines

Russian Federation


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