The structure of knowledge base to support the development of low-thrust liquid-propellant rocket engines based on computer technologies

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Some data on the knowledge base to support the development of low-thrust liquid-propellant rocket engines using computer technologies are presented. The structure of the base is proposed on the basis of characteristic features of engines, including the purpose, fuel components, physical principles of organizing the work process of the engines, etc. The presence of electronic versions of schematic diagrams, configuration and the main achieved characteristics in the database will make it possible to choose effective design solutions at the design stage of new products.  In the future these solutions will lead to the required parameters and characteristics of the low-thrust rocket engines being developed. The description of the engine used in the database allows assessing the capabilities of the engineering solution used in the design, as well as tracing the development trends of a particular direction in rocket propulsion. The peculiarity of the base being created is that, in parallel with the information about low-thrust rocket engines, the data on their components and accessories is accumulating, which can also be used in new developments. Given the growing volume of the knowledge base on low-thrust rocket engines, some forms of communications are presented that make it possible to quickly find the required information, but requires certain ordering of the design data already at the initial stages.

About the authors

V. V. Ryzhkov

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.

Candidate of Science (Engineering), Head of the Research Center of Space Power Engineering

Russian Federation


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