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Business competitiveness makes enterprises to look for new practices and methods in order to obtain better results and higher profits. In this way, the technology has been an indispensable tool to grown up in the market and be more efficient. Nevertheless, work stress and pressure are affecting the private lives of employees, and even affecting their own health. In this situation, some companies propose to find an agreement, which would be looking forward to regulate the communication after labor hours, in order to create more healthy relationships and more productivity in a long-term. Anyway, we do not have to wait for this agreement to start to differentiate our work life from the professional and use the technology as a tool, instead of letting it to control us.

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The new ways of communication have This right does not oblige to turn off the made the beginning and the end of the working phone or close the servers for sending and receiv- day every day more blurred. The technology and ing emails at the end of the working day, but new systems of flexible working have opened up opens up the possibility of introducing a regula- new gaps in the definition of the working day. In tion adopted in function of the productive needs of traditional models, the person went to the place of each company [1]. Moral believes that, by adopt- work, worked, and left until the next day [1]. Now ing such a right, we can reach out and create better the work is in the cloud, and it is more difficult for work environments, which will positively affect the professional to disconnect. the performance of the workers [3]. Based on that France has been the pioneer in recognizing a tired talent is not productive, giving to the staff the right of disconnect of their employees [1]. the opportunity to disconnect, it is believed that Companies negotiate with their workers and de- they will be more motivated and will have a better fine a «shutdown code», where they regulate the performance in their daily tasks. messages or calls outside their working hours. The regularization of this right every time Some Spanish companies are getting in on this seems to be more necessary due to the emergence cause as well [2]. of new technologies and the digital economy, which Nieves del Moral, secretary of CCOO at are blurring the boundaries between the professional Axa (Spanish company), says that taking other and the personal life [2]. To be able to introduce this forms of communication in the workplace can right to the companies, the negotiation process is affect the private life and the conciliation of paramount. There cannot be a unique code because the people [3]. In addition, different organiza- the characteristics, needs and conditions of each tions argue that the right to disconnect would company have to be taken into account. serve to ensure the rest and the respect of a Mariola Serrano, professor of Labor Law working day that currently is lengthened in and Social Security of the University of Deusto, different ways [4]. says that in number of days and hours of work are already delimited. Therefore, the hours performed © Saldias E. А., Matveeva Yu. V., 2017. out of this period are considered «overtime» Saldias Estenssoro Adriana hours. Therefore, receiving and replying to emails (, or calls outside of work hours is no different from graduate student working at the office [3]. of the Institute of Economics and Management; According to Miriam Martin, director of Matveeva Yulia Valerevna (, Marketing and Communications for Sodexo Ben- assistant professor of the Management Department efits and Incentives, if the bosses send emails or of the Samara University, messages outside of these hours, the employees 443086, Russia, Samara, Moskovskoye Shosse, 34. 122 Экономика и менеджмент Юриспруденция feel obligated to answer them [3]. This leads to a do not know how to adjust. That is why, both type of toxic organization, where the general feel- companies and professionals, must work together, ing is that there are no work limits. find balance and learn how to take advantage of Martin explains that this produces the para- the new technological tools, without letting these dox, in which the professionals claim that infor- to affect their lives and even, their own health. mation and communication technologies allow them to be more productive and gave them more References flexibility [3]. In the other hand, this increase their

About the authors

Estenssoro Adriana Saldias

Samara University

443086, Russia, Samara, Moskovskoye Shosse, 34

Yulia Valerevna Matveeva

Samara University

443086, Russia, Samara, Moskovskoye Shosse, 34


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