Conceptual unity of Vl. Khodasevich’s book «Heavy lyre»

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The article is devoted to the consistent patterns of the book “Heavy Lyre” by Vl. Khodasevich. The main issue of the article refers to the structural subsequence of the arranged poems in the book “Heavy Lyre” and the factors that may have influenced such structural subsequence. The author aims to compare the first and the last poems of the book so as to identify and compare their main themes and the change of the lyrical subject. In order to archive this goal the author carries out an immanent analysis of the poem “Music”. As a result, there has been proved the insufficiency of existing interpretations. Finally the author analyzes the poem “Ballade” in accordance with the other research studies, and there has been provided a comparative table of the two texts. The author concludes that there exist four main themes that unite both texts, and he provides the development of their change..

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Maxim S. Andruhin

European gymnasium

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-4756-6194

Teacher of Literature

Russian Federation, 28, Sokolnicheskiy Val (St.), Moscow, Russia, 107014


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